A Once in a Century 12.12.12 Update and Benefit POREfessional

December 16, 2012

I haven't been posted anything this week because every Christmas party was jam packed in the entire week. We even had to skip the party last Friday because a.) we're tired b.) teammates will skip it c.) we'd rather work from home. I am glad to say though that my 12.12.12 did live up to be the most memorable and once in a lifetime event that I hoped for.

[R-L Clockwise]
  • I came to the event knowing I'll get a chance to get a photo taken with Ramon Bautista. I'm no super fan but I really think he's intelligent and hilarious. Smart minds, for me, are sexy and such a turn on. That enough made me take that chance when he was at the side of the stage, getting a photo taken with another Groove friend, Dada. *cue memory snippet*

    Jenn: *makes my you're-the-only-other-person-in-the-world-right-now eye contact* Hiiiii! Pwede rin ba akong magpa-picture? *pa-cute smile*
    RB: Ang ganda mo naman!
    Dada: *sisingit* Thank you!
    RB: Ay hindi ikaw, siya! *points to me*
    Jenn: *slowly dying while getting our photo taken*

    And this is a highlight of my 12.12.12 night why? Because you know, abandonment issues can also make you feel really ugly, insecure, not worth it, plus every other negative thing, ALL AT ONCE. So really, this made my night in ways you can't imagine.

  • Being that the production team sucked, we were not able to do tech runs on the stage, which eventually posed a lot of issues later that night. But being the sport that we are, we tried to enjoy the event and warm ourselves up before the opening dance segment. We did this by singing and dancing to the company bands' songs at the side of the stage. It was fun, even though everyone else in the audience probably didn't enjoy their performance as much as Groove did.

  • The only action shot that I have from all the albums that surfaced so far. It's not perfect, projection-wise but I love seeing that my hair has gone this long. 
It was a once in a century event and it was, indeed, well spent.
The POREfessional, Benefit

When the weekly getting drunk since November routine already showed it's effect on my skin, a.k.a. large pores, tiny bumps, coarse skin, and pimple scars, I immediately thought, "Shit, pano na yung mukha ko sa photos?" Then, I remembered that my BDJ Box subscription did include a renowned primer as a freebie on the first box!

I took it out of the box and lugged it into my makeup kit before I ran late to the call time in MOA SMX. Yes, this part of the blog post is still about the same day, 12.12.12.

After the last few rehearsal runs, we proceeded into getting our hair and makeup done. Everything was DIY so I had to pretend I know what to do in that hour. After I washed my face, I looked for my moisturizer and ta-da! It wasn't there so I skipped on to the primer.

It was smooth on the skin and a little product goes a long way. The consistency I'd say is thinner than Smashbox's primer. Even with the haphazard makeup application, I'd say my liquid foundation held up well through the sweat caused by the two segments. I just wished I had a powder with me to top it off, which would've made my makeup last longer and kept the oiliness at bay.

I couldn't really give a viable review at the moment since I've only used it once but I'd just like to point out that even with a worse current skin condition, as seen above, my face was still given a compliment by a celebrity crush. That has got to be a plus point for the Benefit POREfessional, right?

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