The real Techniques Makeup Brushes are here!

December 19, 2012

Just today, the My Shopping Box delivery men arrived in our apartment bringing packages I ordered from Amazon all the way to the Makati, Philippines. (If you wanna see the detailed ordering process I went through, click here.) Even when I should have been sleeping 5 hours ago, I still managed to snap a few photos before my camera batteries got depleted. (Of course Penny Blanco! Just when I need you the most, you die on me!)

I just thought of showing you the actual photos before I go to slumber land.

I changed sheets. The brushes didn't stand out as much as it deserved.

real Techniques Core Collection. 

real Techniques Stippling Brush; not as wide and dense as Charm's.
Just like everything new, they looked (and smelled) divine!

I didn't have much cash left so I only picked those I can afford at the time. Next time, I'll buy more pink and purple brushes. Oh yeah, if you didn't know, they're color-coded: Orange handles for the base, Purple handles for the eyes, and Pink handles for the finishing touches. I'm no expert in applying makeup and I don't do full makeup looks often, but it does help when you have good tools to help you when you need to be extra polished.

Hoping to post more about this one day and I cannot wait to give them their first bath!

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  1. their purple kit is also great :)

    Check out my blog at: Caught in a Daze.

  2. Hi. Sorry, they're not for sale. :)

  3. San mo po nabili? XD
    ~Pauline @