Why I Can't Be A Beauty Blogger

December 06, 2012

Or any other niche blogging theme.

Early this year, I attended a company-sponsored hobby class with Mr. Anton Diaz, the mind behind Our Awesome Planet, Mercato, Mezza Norte...you get it. The class was kinda about how you'll become a better at blogging and the secrets into making it big online. One tip was to find a niche and build up on it.

  1. I can take photos of what I buy but it's hard for me to follow through with a review, unless of course I strongly feel something about this product. It's either I truly love it on me or I hate it and it was too horrendous that I just had to share my thoughts so you'd stay away from it too. 

  2. I talk too much. Sometimes to the point where my segues become a new topic on their own, totally different from what I was originally talking about. Lest you are a friend in real life, I don't see how my lengthy babble would endear any stranger.

  3. I am interested in too many things and I can't be limited to just posting about a certain topic. 

  4. I am lazy often. If only you could see how many draft posts I have right now. I have everything in my head: a carefully thought out topic, a mediocre title and photos that I snapped. But really, where do you get the time? Hopefully now that my love life's bleak, I can squeeze an hour or two. 

  5. I don't have the money to finance possible blog themes. Truth be told, writing a fashion blog, a travel blog, a food blog, a beauty blog, and so on, requires that you have something to write about and preferably, something that you experienced first hand. Scratch that. Not just preferably, but mandatory. Imagine posting a review about the food served in Spiral when you haven't even eaten there.

    But then again, nothing stops you from making an all-DIY beauty blog or a homecooked meals blog or an ukay-ukay fashion blog. All good ideas if you have time. (If you have one, I'd love to read them! ^^)

  6. I easily get bored.

  7. I am self-absorbed and I won't apologize for it. Notice that everything in this enumeration starts with an "I"? Yeah, me too. And as much as I want to share the actual consumer experience, a post usually becomes a journal entry of how I eventually managed to buy this or do this. 
The one blogging tip that I'm trying to follow religiously now is to post frequently. Last month, I set myself a goal of two posts per month and I achieved it. This month, I'm just aiming for a higher post count than November.

*This is me looking into your soul
I'm doing this blogging thing since it has quite proven to be a good distraction from the urges of giving up to this quarter-life crisis I'm in. And since what usually gets me into misunderstandings is when I get overly expressive about my thoughts that the words I say comes out unfiltered, I thought I'd just divert them into something that I could also benefit from. Sometimes, I don't even mean it but my mouth just HAD to say it. So hopefully by writing, I'll get to limit myself from tactlessly spurting out words without enough consideration.

Also, it is actually fun to do.

I have already come to a conclusion that this will forever be a personal blog, one which contains multi-topics that have my candid views into everything I encounter, being that I'm a probinsyana and all that naivety. (Yes, I'm still doing that persona haha) Although, I really must sort out my labels for those who are selective in what they read.

To the people who message me or leave comments saying they were able to endure all the blabbing I do, thank you for the appreciation.

*On an unrelated note, here's a random self-portrait to keep the vanity alive. Also TL;DR posts make me sleepy as well.

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  1. I agree with all of this! and can you please include real-office work/project that hinders us from posting looks since we're always too stressed to look really pulled together in a shot haha!

  2. Please blog more! I enjoy reading your SG experience. Nakakalungkot pag minsan pumupunta ako sa blog mo tapos walang new post. Haha! #demanding

  3. Dapat talaga pagpasok pa lang sa work para fresh pa. Too many times I felt like "Ooh I'm well-dressed today, picturan ko nga later." Kaso sa later na yun, wala na, already dampen by work stress.