Of Firsts: The Mandara Spa Experience

December 27, 2012

In an effort to provide more content on this blog, I decided to try spas where I've never been before. And since I don't want this to be an additional expense for me, these new finds must be within the rate range of my regular go-to massage place, which I think you'll never guess, Let's Face It Salon. (On why it is my go-to place, I'll just post another entry.) 

Upon searching for nearby spas, I found The Mandara Spa. It's a boutique spa located at the heart of Bonifacio Global City, perfect for those who wish to sneak in some peace and quiet amidst all the work drama.

What got me sold to try it first was the off-peak hours discount. This meant I can squeeze in a massage right before work. 

30% Off On All Services Daily, From 12nn To 4pm
20% Off On All Services Daily, From 5pm To 11pm

Massage oil samples for you to choose from and will be used on your massage. Didn't get to try it though
SINCE I WAS LATE so I just asked the pretty receptionist her personal choice--lavender.

I scheduled a 90-minute session from 1 PM to 2:30 PM, with just enough leeway for me to get to the office in time. 

But then, I got lost on the way so I was 10 minutes late for my scheduled appointment. (LOL who gets lost in BGC? The truth is, I went out of the house late. There, I said it!) I hurriedly filled out the forms, as to why this can't be done right after the massage for extra convenience, that I don't know. 

The place was pretty small--there was the reception, the lounge area, the bathroom and the 3-4 massage rooms. The rooms were separated by a wall so you are assured of your privacy. 

The massage room is pretty cramped but with the low prices on a bustling business district, what more could you ask for? As I entered the room, it was dim and there was warm water for my feet to soak in. The ambiance was nice and relaxing, although I can hear some people talking through the thin walls.  

By the way, I got the scrub and massage body ritual package. The regular rate for this is Php1200 but due to the 30% discount, I only paid Php840. You can view other body ritual packages here.

We started off with the 30-minute body scrub. It felt so GOOOOD to not do a thing while someone else scrubs off all the dead skin cells and grime off your body! It also helped that the lavender scent was relaxing. I must admit, though, that it felt  really awkward and stressful for me that moment when my masseuse asked me to flip around (I was lying with my face on the floor). It was my first time to get a service done where I had to remove my bra and get naked because you know, issues. It easily drifted away when she started to scrub so all is well.   

After the scrub, I went into the bathroom to shower in preparation for my 1-hr massage. I can't really recall how long it took me but I REALLY made an effort to shower faster. (Hello housemates! If you're reading this, I'm pretty sure you can attest to my lengthy baths) The whole time I was thinking, "I have to do this fast or else they'd cut my massage time."

They still did.

Haha! I mentioned earlier that I was late by 10 minutes, so being the professional that they are, my massage finished on time to make way for the next people with appointments. This is really very sensible and you can appreciate this when you are next on queue and you arrived on time for your appointment. (Another sidenote: This happened to me once and I was so mad that the person currently in the room was extended while my time was getting the cut)

I disrobed and changed into my work clothes. (Yup, wala ng shower shower! Myth or not, ayoko kasi ma-pasma.) After paying, I cordially asked the pretty receptionist if I can take photos for this blog since I didn't really see many customer-owned photos in the internet when I was searching for reviews. She obliged and even told me that his brother is in the blogging scene as well, even asked if I was attending the past Nuffnang conference. (Hahaha this post is THAT old and getting moldy in my drafts!)

Total Wallet Damage: Php840
Overall Customer Service Satisfaction Rate: (There HAS to be a better description for this! OCSSR? Haha okay sorry, going back...) 4/5 - Only because I didn't fell asleep during the massage. I've always made it a measurement of relaxation when I fall asleep on massages.
Will I return? Yes. I want to try their other services.

To book an appointment, you may reach them on the numbers below. Apparently, their online booking feature on the website is not being monitored frequently so you may want to stay away from that. 
(02) 869-9910
(0915) 844-3003

The Mandara Spa
McKinley Park Residences 
Unit 308, 31st Street Cor 3rd Ave. 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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  1. Hi Jen, thank you for taking time to write about us. Could we invite you come visit the spa again on your next available time and retry a massage-only experience, on-us? We would like to see (or prove) if we can make you dose off to sleep. Please call Dianne at 8699910 to book your appointment. Please feel free to tag us on fb : facebook.com/themandaraspa to share with us your experience. Thank you and looking forward to having you at The Mandara Spa again soon. Best, The Mandara Spa (JM)

  2. I was also checking the website of Mandara Spa. The webmaster or maybe the owner failed posts the hours of operation. In this way, people who are looking for a massage spa and would like to call in and make an appointment would know when to call.