Kwentong Taxi: Na-Sadako

December 25, 2012

After being awake for 27 hours (excluding a 1-hr power nap), I went home from Fairview to Makati in a cab. Before flagging a taxi down, Jhuna consulted MMDA Interaksyon to see if C5 or EDSA was the route I should take considering the traffic southbound. While EDSA had many RED (heavy traffic) and YELLOW (moderate traffic) points, C5 was all GREEN (light traffic).

So upon entering the cab, we told the driver my destination and to specifically take the C5 route. Not one minute inside the cab has passed and with Starships playing on the radio, I remember bobbing my head to the beat until I dozed off even before the song ended.

I vividly remember the shock when I first opened my eyes and saw that the fare was already Php130+. It seemed only minutes had passed. After that, I may have opened my eyes several times and saw that the place was unfamiliar so I went back to sleep again.

Then right after Kalayaan C5, I woke up. I saw the driver sigh with relief and said, "Akala ko ma'am na-Sadako na ako eh. Yung buhok nyo po kasi nasa harap ng mukha nyo buong byahe!"

I laughed. Just like that, I was awake again.

Jenn: Ay sorry po! Wala pa po kasi akong tulog simula kahapon eh. Tapos may work pa po ako mamayang gabi ulit.
Taxi Driver: Ah, ano po bang trabaho nyo? IT?
J: Opo.
TD: Dyan ka ba talaga nakatira o taga-probinsya?
J: Probinsya po. Nagre-rent lang dyan.
TD: San yung probinsya mo?
J: Sa Palawan po.
TD: Ah! Dun si Mayor Hagedorn 'di ba?
J: Opo! Tatakbo nga po siyang Senator ngayon eh. Iboto niyo po kuya, ha? *smiles*
TD: Talaga? Mukha ngang magaling siyang leader. Mukhang malaki nga matutulong niya.
J: Opo naman! Kung pwede nga lang na siya na yung forever mayor namin eh..

Few more small talk topics later, we arrived in front of my street. I added Php30 to my taxi fare and greeted him a merry Christmas.

Let it be known that he was the first taxi driver EVER who didn't automatically assume that I was a call center agent, just because I was working on a night shift. (Not that I have anything against call center agents. It was just surprising.)

P.S. I know, I know! It was totally an unsafe thing to do, sleep inside a cab for a more than a 1-hr ride. I was really fortunate that the cabbie was nice.

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