What's In My Bag

December 30, 2012

It has been a great week for me! It's a good comeback from that shitty couple of months I went through, all thanks to great family and friends who have been more than helpful and just there. Now, I can finally say that 2013 will be an awesome year for me. So before year 2012 ends, let me share what's inside my bag. (Haha labo lang ng segue!)

Valise tote bag in burgundy bought from ALT Manila. You can also buy it here.
As usual, I'm still the girl with the big bag. I like the convenience of having to chuck things in one bag and be ready to go in a jiffy. More so, I also need to bring my work laptop with me at all times so it really is the way to go if I wanted not to bring too many bags with me on times where I'm being spontaneous.

Labels and description after the jump
  1. The removable pouch that the tote bag came with. When I'm only going to the mall, this is what I bring with me since my go-to pink sling bag is too dirty for words and Eww-worthy!
  2. Mini brush kit. I say mini because I have a full makeup brush kit which I only bring when the occasion calls for me to bring it. This one currently only has a slanted blush brush and a brow brush.
  3. The Strangers unused movie ticket. I came late to Trinoma last December 26. Six hours late to be exact! Tut tut! Naturally, I missed this MMFF movie screening with college friends. 
  4. Sleek Face Contour Kit. I have been told my face is getting fatter, in real life and in photos. See Exhibit A. It has been in my bag for quite some time but I haven't really used it. 
  5. CMK Eyebrow Powder. I use this when I'm going to the office and when I need my brows to look extra groomed. I want to try other brands but this one has no end. I've been using this regularly but jeez, it hasn't even hit the pan! 
  6. Toothbrush. For when I spontaneously decide to spend the night at a friend's house.
  7. Globe internet card. Can be used to wherever there's a Globe wifi connection named "globe" e.g., Starbucks. I think this still has a good 40-minute credit.
  8. Samsung work phone. WHICH I NEVER USE. This phone can make unlimited texts and phone calls, locally and internationally but I never use it because I can't even use up my own phone's Php1800 postpaid plan. What a dum-dum. And no, you can't have it because I am required to always have it on me. I plan to give this away if a pickpocket will threaten me. Hehe.
  9. iPhone 4. My personal phone which plan will be ending in 32 days! Still contemplating if I should avail an iPhone 5 or try to save money by downgrading my current plan and selling the free phone the postpaid plan will come with.
  10. Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + liquid foundation. Wow, that was a mouthful. Currently my HG foundation. I'm using this up so I can replenish. 
  11. Make Up For Ever loose powder. For when I need to put a finishing powder on top of my liquid foundation. It is not pigmented nor does it provide a good finish. I regret getting salestalked into buying this. 
  12. Apple earphones. I want to avail the iPhone 5 so I can get the new earphones. I hear it's good.
  13. Fake Apple USB cable. Not even mine. Haha. I borrowed it until the owner changed companies. Remind me to return this to her.
  14. House keys and Spin Pins. I forgot to put a separate number on the spin pins but let me tell you that they are heaven sent. Whoever genius thought of this should be rewarded. And no, these are not the expensive Php500+ spin pins from Goody. A knock-off but nevertheless, useful. 
  15. Secure ID and Active Key. For work.
  16. [below] Work Laptop. But also has some personal documents since my personal laptop's LCD is broken. Note to self: Have it fixed.
LOL forgot to include the cord but you get it. 
And because the red removable pouch is also a "bag", allow me to post the contents as well being that as I've said above, this is my current go-to mini bag. Another note to self: Buy a new medium-sized bag.

  1. Oil control film from Saizen. I'm praying that this will run out soon. I miss Clean and Clear and Gatsby. Haha. I'm just not really someone who will buy another one if the current one isn't finished. I'm loyal like that. (Yes, this is a pun!)
  2. Clinique Derma White powder foundation. It's been recently replenished but not with the shade I usually buy so I'm kinda iffy about it. I verified with the SA that this line has indeed been discontinued and being replaced. Huhu what to do with my life now.
  3. wad of disorganized cash. Because really, who needs a wallet! (Apparently, I do.)
  4. Human Heart Nature Tutti Frutti lip balm. I bought this from +Pauline Santillan (@polele). Still not finished with it. I have two of this, the other one I leave at home for when I'm prepping. The only product that I have a duplicate of.
  5. NYK Pumpkin Pie Lipstick. For that better-than-your-lips shade.
  6. Ellana retractable powder brush. For the MUFE loose powder that I don't like. 
  7. Prestige black eyeliner. HG EYELINER FOREVER! I haven't bought another eyeliner from other brands since I used this.
  8. Piandre calling card. Got this when I went there last week for brow threading. Liked how my brows were shaped. They're a little pricier than Lay Bare but I'd gladly pay the extra price for the better service/outcome.
  9. HMO card. I feel the need to bring this anywhere with me. *knocks on wood
  10. BPI ATM card. Looking really overused. For when I need extra cash.

This must be the most lengthy What's In My Bag post you'll ever read/didn't read. Give or take a change in clothes and some food, this is what my bag will have if you look in. What's in yours?

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  1. I love your bag!! I've always wanted to get something similar but I had always worried about how it will hold up with our laptop :/

  2. It's pretty sturdy! I think it was made for this purpose. Haha! Sometimes, I even toss my camera bag inside.