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April 15, 2015

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Last week, I asked friends who have solo traveled about what they didn't like about traveling alone. My colleague Vale answered it's the hostels. That while it's the cheaper choice, hostels can compromise a good night's sleep when traveling. 

Personally, I have no issues staying at stocky hostels. I do understand, however, that the hostel life is not for everyone. That, I had a firsthand experience of! On December 2013, Tonix and I fought over my decision to stay at a budget hostel in Singapore, priced at only $17-22 per day. We were staying for 10 days and the extra cost of staying in a hotel would tremendously add up and eventually cut my spending budget.

Then last month, due to a certain mixup, I stumbled into Z Hostel. They advertise themselves as a luxury hostel. I got curious as I've never stayed in one. Is this the answer to solo travelers looking for more comfort than usual? So for my birthday, I decided to do something different. There I was making last minute booking for a hostel staycation in Makati City. 

Getting There

Nested at the heart of Makati City, you will find the Z Hostel at 5660 Don Pedro Street, just near the corner of Kalayaan Avenue and P. Burgos Avenue.

[Google Maps link]

On foot

Makati is a very walkable city but if you're coming from Ayala Center, it would take around a 30-minute walk to get there.

From Ayala Avenue, walk towards Makati Avenue. Turn right on Makati Avenue and walk straight until you reach P. Burgos Avenue. Walk along P. Burgos until you reach Kalayaan Avenue. Then, turn right and walk until you see a Ministop at the corner of Don Pedro Street.

Via private vehicle/taxi
From Ayala Avenue, drive towards Makati Avenue. Turn right on Makati Avenue and drive until you reach Kalayaan Avenue. Drive until the second U-turn slot. Take the U-Turn and stop at the Ministop at the corner of Don Pedro Street. (For private vehicles/taxi, you can opt to have you dropped right in front of Z Hostel. Although it is a narrow street so I recommend you just walk the few meters.)

Via jeepney

Coming from the Ayala Center, there are jeepneys bound for J.P. Rizal Avenue. Ride this jeepney and get off at the corner of Kalayaan Avenue. From here, facing the direction of J.P. Rizal, turn right and walk towards Ministop.

When you reach Ministop, turn left and walk a few meters until you see the gray building with a huge letter Z written in front. You won't miss it!

The Lobby

They say don't judge a book by its cover and don't judge a hostel by its lobby. What if the lobby was this spacious? Well, it's definitely not the lobby I imagined it would be when I first came here. Most hostel lobbies, although charming, are cramped and really just a reception desk with a computer. This one, upon entering, tells you with a chalkboard signage that only good vibes are allowed inside. 

It's a big space with a couch, book exchange shelves, a monthly schedule of Z Hostel events and, of course, the reception desk. There are also quirky details like the sungka, a Filipino game played with hollowed out wood and shells, with the instruction manual on how to play them, Makati and BGC maps, and sometimes, if you're lucky, a pole, too!

And it's good to know that it wasn't all just display. Check-in was swift and hassle-free!


I requested to be placed in an all-female dormitory. (I only stay in mixed dorms when I don't have a choice. Safety issues aside, traveling men just snore louder, understandably.) The all female dorm room is also called the Stiletto Room. It's an air conditioned room with three double bunk beds, and can accommodate six people.

Seeing this room, I got really excited! Upon entering, there's a full-length mirror right across the door and right away, I saw that there's a makeup table complete with a full-sized lighted vanity mirror. Crazy! This was the first time I saw a hostel female dorm with that. Not even all the 3-star hotels here in Manila have light vanity mirrors.

I got to pick my own bunk bed since I had the room all to myself. Then, I noticed how good the linen and the pillows felt. Soon after, I learned that they use the same linen supplier as Sofitel. Only the best quality, you'll find here! Conveniently, there are power outlets beside each bed, too.

The room has a spacious toilet and bath ensuite, which means more privacy and you would only have to share this with other five women, at most.

Another thing that caught my eye were the lockers. They are huge! You can practically fit any size of luggage in there. It also has an outlet inside for your gadget charging needs should you need to leave the hostel while you charge. The lockers are free to use but you'll need to bring your own locks. Then again, if you forgot to bring one, I bet a hostel such as Z can provide one if you ask them.

And I am not done yet. There is a kitchenette inside the dorm room, perfect for those who want to prepare the light snack that you brought back from walking around the city. It's such a haven for snackers like me!

I LOVED the room! But as much as I just wanted to stay in bed, I forced myself to go upstairs to watch the sun set at...

The Roof Deck

Sundays at Z also means it's Sunday Slowdown.

If you still haven't heard, the Z Hostel Roof Deck hosts chill barbecue and beer parties regularly every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes, they are open for the whole week, too! Coming from word of mouth, this hangout spot is becoming a go-to place for everyone who enjoys good music and a good crowd.

People who go here know better and actually follow these signs. I personally make sure to talk to at least one person I don't know and carry my empty beer bottles to the bottle racks.

Aside from the stimulating conversations with friends and the cool people you'll meet, they serve awesome comfort food and local beer at a cheap price. (Pale Pilsen/Brew Kettle at Php 50, and my personal favorite, Red Horse at Php 70!!)

You'll just know it's one of the best hangout places when an MTV VJ volunteers to play his own playlist to be played. I cannot tell you enough how perfect the Sunday Slowdown was in welcoming my 27th year into this world!

Breakfast at the Z Cafe

At regular hostels, the free breakfast that comes with the accommodations are the usual cereals, bread, jam, coffee and maybe juice. It was already 10am when I went down to the cafe for breakfast and I was amazed at the spread that was left. There is real food here, everyone!!

I should have known that with Z, it won't be just the usual.


I was floored with how everything was well thought out. I have never seen a hostel this luxurious or spacious at these rates (see below) in my budget traveling years. The rooms, the facilities, the staff and management, the people you'll meet at the roofdeck, even the breakfast, too--the overall experience is definitely worth every penny! Definitely recommending this for solo travelers exploring the city! 

Here are the standard rates for those who are wondering. 

Private Rooms: $60 | Php 2700

All-Female Dorm: $30 | Php 1350
Mixed Dorm: $22 | 990

Click here for more info on the rooms and facilities.

I currently live only 10 minutes away from this hostel but if I was a traveler who's not from here, this would be my go-to choice for accommodations. I think 
Marc Nelson said it best, "I almost wish I didn't live in Manila so I could stay here as a tourist."

Thank you Cao Ocampo of Z Hostel for inviting me to stay here. My standard on hostel living will never be the same again.


Z Hostel Philippines

+63 927 965 2692

Trivia: This blog post was written on my phone while waiting in line inside the Bureau of Internal Revenue office, AKA this was what kept me sane during the entire time.

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