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April 22, 2015

In an effort to put more travel-related content in this blog, allow me turn the spotlight to my best friend's latest endeavor-- Experience Philippines' Random Road Trips

My best friend Jayson Samson, or who I affectionately call G, is now working on the side as a Travel Manager for Experience Philippines. (That is if you can even call that work, because it seems ALL FUN!) For your reference, a travel manager plans and executes random road trips for fellow travelers looking to travel with friends or strangers that eventually become friends. And Experience Philippines is like every pooled group travel company out there, except that for their Random Road Trips, the destinations are secret, meaning you will never know about the itinerary until everything unfolds before you. Sounds really exciting, noh?

A few weeks ago, for his first ever planned random road trip, G brought the group to Antique--the first ever Experience Philippines road trip in Visayas. From what I can tell from his stories and photos, the event really went well. Good job, bestie! 


Me: What do you like most about Random Road Trips? 

G: The mystery of the destination. We will never reveal to you nor give you any clue until you reach the destination. It's really random. 

You'll initially ride a bus with random strangers and the next thing you know, you are already in a ferry or in a plane. You won't even know the itinerary. First, you are in an island and then later on, you are already swimming in a waterfall or jumping off a cliff. Random adventures! And at the end of the trip, you get the weird feeling of #sepanx from the people you just met thru the trip.

Me: What is your favorite Random Road Trip destination so far? Why?

GAntique. Not being biased ah! I never knew there's a lot to do and to see prior to that trip. We did everything-- from cold springs to partying at a provincial festival; to having a good morning view of Mt. Madja-as; to going to an island; to hiking; to swimming; to snorkeling; to  mini-spelunking; to nature trekking; to waterfall-hopping; to cliff diving; to kawa bathing; to pottery making; to sunset viewing-- all in four days! It was the longest random road trip we've had!

Me: Do you have tips for first timers wanting to join Random Road Trips?

G: Just be open-minded and go with the flow.

Me: Anything to look forward to from Experience Philippines?

G: We will be launching BETSY, the first ever Travel Hostel Bus in the Philippines at our first major event, Luna Sea: A Random Full Moon Party

It's a bohemian-themed Full Moon party exclusive party for the first 50 joiners. Participants of the event can have the chance to have the first epic ride with Betsy.

There will be three destinations before the main party, all locations undisclosed until on the day itself. And since it's going to be a big day on May 3 for the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, we are also having our own pay-per-view screening of the match.


And because it's one thing to let you read about how exciting everything was, and another thing to let you have a glimpse on how things go during these random road trips, I have compiled below the best photos I've seen from his weekend adventures so far. Go nuts!

Now, don't you wish you were in those photos, too? 

These days, you can either keep on wishing to be part of a great adventure OR choose to actually be in one. Experience Philippines can give you the latter. They will do all the planning for you. You just have to show up and have fun.

Note: All photos in this post are owned by Jayson Samson. You can follow his adventures here

Experience Philippines
+63 915 853 3256 | +632 710 5641
Unit 206 Daphne Building, Magnolia Place Condominium
Tandang Sora Ext. Quezon City, Philippines

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