Papa's Girl

April 04, 2015

Alternate title: Too long for an intro, too short for a blog post


I'm an only child, my parents' only daughter. Growing up, they really made sure I was well-protected. As good as their intentions would seem, this is why they didn't teach me how to swim and why they didn't buy me a bike. They thought I'd just end up getting hurt.

During high school, Papa finally caved. He taught me to drive our motorcycle and our car, but the learning ended there. I never got to drive on my own because he would hide the keys whenever they would leave me alone in the house. (They actually thought I would try to sneak those out! LOL I wasn't THAT brave!)

When our house almost got robbed, Papa was able to stop the thief, thanks to his knife-throwing skills. Shortly after, he taught me how to throw a knife and how to handle a gun--his gun. In case you don't know yet, my father is a retired officer of the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (ISAFP). It's like the PH version of the CIA, without the fancy tech of course! Of course.

(No, he didn't let me fire his gun, BUT he did let me practice knife-throwing in our backyard until I finally got it. Oh, the thrill!)

Fast forward to my now independent self living away from home, I still don't know how to swim and I no longer know how to drive. Nevertheless, I think Papa would be pleased to know that her only daughter did really well during last week's trip to the shooting range! Top scorer of the class y'all, and while wearing heels too! #iamstronghand #showyourguns

Details on the next blog post!

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