A Photoset: Cheats

April 20, 2015

I have been a fan of Saab's writing since college and have watched (or read) how from Grrrl Scout days, along with Jim's band, it became Cheats. I never really knew how good their music was until two weekends ago when I saw Cheats perform live for the first time at the Satchmi Vinyl Day at the Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater.

I would have taken videos to add to The Weekend reel but my batteries died. *sad face* Here are some of the photos I took instead!

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  1. I love Saab, too! But I've never had the chance to watch their gig because school. But I promised myself that once classes are over, I'm going to return to the gig scene and finally get to say hi to her and my other fave bands too. :)

  2. Hi, Jamie. They sound really, really awesome live! And that Jim x Saab on-stage chemistry is just super cute! But yeah, do well with your studies first before anything else. :)

    P.S. (In case you get to read this, Saab) I wish the Cheats' Soundcloud page was more updated so we can keep track of all the songs.