The Weekend Update

April 13, 2015

It's only April but I can already give you a gist of how my 2015 has been going so far: waking up early on a Saturday morning, no hangover from Friday club nights, no Friday club nights, weekend picnics, music festivals, more photowalks and of course, travel. I LOVED 2013 and 2014 but it was too tiring! For me, 2015 is the year of slowing down, realigning priorities and exploring possibilities.

Without any segue or whatsoever, here's what went on last weekend. (Okay, only Saturday. Basti and I were so pooped, and slept all throughout Sunday!)

The Weekend: Sebastian's Night Out from Jennever Pelaez on Vimeo.


~ Caught up on the last two episodes of Survivor, my ultimate favorite TV show (C'mon AXN, produce Survivor Asia or something!) I hate Dan and I want more wins for the underdog trio.

~ Brought Basti to the vet to get him dewormed. I didn't know it would be that fast. Vet gave him antibiotic and vitamins--that's it!

~ Watched outdoor screening of Ratatouille at Bonifacio High Street. (Reason #227 on Why I Love Bonifacio Global City, right there!) Basti met new friends and one furry friend.

~ Met with Tonix and Kriz for a much-craved seafood dinner at Dampa sa Libis. Never coming back to that place, beeteedubz. (Coming soon: Why I'll Never Go Back To Dampa Sa Libis)

~ Went back to Bonifacio High Street during the Eat, Pray, Love outdoor screening but all we did was play with Basti (We call him Sebastian when in Bonifacio High Street! Haha!)

~ Grabbed dessert at Slice. This is where we discussed how everyone else passing by Slice were wearing party clothes, (Party night nga pala!) and we were not bothered one bit because we were so over walwal clubbing nights. 

~ Watched Cheats x Satchmi Vinyl Day. They were great! I have been following Saab's blog since college and I have always know about Cheats but this was actually the first time I saw them play live. 

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