PSA: Income Tax Return Filing

April 14, 2015

I was at the BIR South Makati District Office earlier today to file my Income Tax Return and found the photo above. It says contrary to some new accounts, the deadline for the filing of ITRs has not been moved. It is still tomorrow, April 15.

Now, I'm pretty sure most people in my network couldn't be any more lazy than I am. But just in case you or anyone you know missed submitting your substituted filing deadline, here's what you need to do

1. Print 3 copies of your Form 2316/2306
2. Photocopy your CTC (Sedula) or Passport if you don't have CTC
3. Go to your registered Revenue District Office
4. Get a queue number for the Officer of the Day desk.
5. Fill out 3 sets of Form 1700. You can do this while waiting in line. It's a long line. You might also need to do some computations.
6. Submit your papers to the Revenue Officer once your name is called.
7. Wait for the acknowledgment receipt.
8. If you need to pay an Overpayment (if your Withheld Tax is lower thay your Tax Amount Due) you will need to pay at the cashier or until the deadline stated.

Failure to file until tomorrow will lead to the following:
1. Penalty of Php 1000
2. For those with Overpayment, you will pay 25% of your balance surcharge + 20% interest, on top of the penalty.


P.S. Thank you to Revenue Officer Raymond Pasco for being the most helpful. Hoping for more government employees like you, sir! 

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