Because Fuck Stereotypes

April 20, 2015

I was not used to being labeled as a party girl. After all, I only stepped in a club two years ago. Now, it's not really a big deal to me anymore. I know better than to have to explain myself to people whose opinions don't really matter to me.

This year, my life slowed down. I already stopped being in the regular clubbing scene, partly because of my puppy and partly because it got really tiring and routinary. (Read: Tumatanda na!) Below is a short draft of a drunken rant I wrote after a long night of dancing and drinking, the morning of December 2, 2013. Read it and laugh with me?

I get that going to clubs every Friday night will give me that party girl stereotype. I used to deny this because I never really went clubbing before this year. As stated in a previous post, I could count in one hand the number of times I partied in college--twice.

Yes, I'm a late bloomer.

But that's it. Two times. And both times, I didn't drink. Suffice to say, I was the annoying girl trying to get everyone to go home already as if I had a curfew, which I didn't have because I lived in an apartment alone.

So going back to my main point, this post has been triggered by a conversation I had with my teammate during a shared cab ride on our way home. I told him I was gonna volunteer for the Typhoon Yolanda survivors in Villamor Air Base and that, in fact, I have been volunteering whenever I have time. He laughed and said, "Party girl sa gabi, volunteer as umaga." He was so surprised to hear me passionately talking about my plans to changed the world. Apparently, to those who didn't know me before all hell broke loose, I was just that to them-- a party girl. 

Then, he told me the story of their DJ friend in Bacolod who--you'll never guess--sells rice on his day job.

And now, a random excerpt from an article I read.
Women may want to get laid, but their main priority is to have a good time, be looked at (not touched) by guys and get some free drinks. Guys, on the other hand, want to get drunk and hopefully find a girl that’s a light drinker so it doesn’t cost them too much to take her home. (Elite Daily, 2013.)

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