Of Firsts: Stronghand Shooting Range Experience

April 04, 2015

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

For the past couple of years. I've admittedly been on an adventurous roll. I would be game to try anything I can get my hands on. So when Apple invited me and the girls to try target shooting at Stronghand Shooting Range, I immediately said yes even when it's located all the way in Quezon City. There's not a lot of things I would wake up early for, but getting myself an adrenaline rush is among those few things.

Getting There

I didn't commute to the venue because Issa volunteered to pick us up at Fullybooked Bonifacio High Street. Nobody knew how to get there so here came Waze to the rescue! (How did people ever survive without GPS?)

Shooting the Shooter. Issa's looking very happy while she shoots.

Since I live in Taguig, I used Bonifacio Global City as point of reference. We went there on a Thursday noon with a medium to heavy traffic on the road. Needless to say, whatever time estimates you're seeing on the Google map screenshot below, it won't be the same when it's no longer the Holy Week.

It took us an hour and a traffic police incident before we finally arrived at Stronghand Shooting Range. Located at 1660 E. Rodriguez Avenue, the shooting range can be easily spotted at the La Défense Building.

What to expect

It was my first time to enter a shooting range so I had no idea how everything will go. We were met by Miss Jinky Tallod of RMDC and a Stronghand Shooting Range officer to brief us about the facilities and the gun safety training before we can start the actual target shooting. This training went on for a good 45 minutes of classroom discussion, and a hands-on proper gun aiming, grip and posture lessons.

Gun Safety Training. Sir Randy fixing his visual aids. 

During the initial part of the training, Sir Randy of Stronghand Shooting Range revolved, pun intended, his discussion based on the Four Cardinal Rules of Gun Safety. In case you're interested too, here they are:

1. Consider every gun as loaded
2. Do not point the gun at anything you do not intend to shoot
3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot
4. Know your target

1st Place Shooting Stance. If you weren't afraid of me then, look at my smirk and let it tell you otherwise. CHOS!
Then, he made us stand up as he taught us the correct stance, how to hold the gun and how to aim. We were a very giggly bunch so Sir Randy had to make enough motivation. "Isipin niyo yung ex-boyfriend niyo yung nasa dulo."

Next, we were led to the reception area where we were given the good stuff-- a basket filled with noise-cancelling ear muffs, safety glasses, 2 empty magazines, 20 rounds of ammo and a 45-caliber gun.

The Good Stuff. Every thing you'll ever need inside the shooting range. 
After getting our "shooting kit" we were lead to the lockers so we can stow away our belongings safely while we shoot. Food and drinks are not allowed inside the shooting range as well.

We were led into our shooting booths where we were told to manually load our own magazines. FYI loading magazines were HARD! It took me a while to get a hang of pushing the bullets in and I know this was the case for all of us girls. It was on our second magazine when the range officers told us we can now use the magazine-loading contraption on our right. (Sorry, no pic but it looked like this.)

Straight From a Magazine. Our very chic Kira loading her magazine. Dammit should've photographed her nails too!
One by one from the outside going in, off we went firing the first ten bullets. I was the fifth and in the middle so I had to wait for all of them to finish. Getting pressured every now and then, because what if I couldn't hit my target? I was so competitive in nature that the thought of not hitting the target made me nervous.

Lucky #16. On the left was Kira's while on the right was Issa's target.
The first three shots I fired hit the bull's eye, can you believe that? Me neither. I was suprised how easy that was. But due to fear of recoil, I hardened my grip and every succeeding shot went slightly lower than the red circle. Lower, but pooled closely together. Subsequently and as I said here, I came out as the top scorer amongst the group. Safe to say the motivation by Sir Randy worked, right? (Haha I am kidding! No grudges against an Ex here!)

Sir Randy's tip: Empty your mind. Do not think about the recoil. Don't think about anything.


1. Free Use of Lockers. This is something every club/gym/studio should have and they have it.
Free locker storage. You may get a key from the reception.
2. Audio Visual Hall. This is where they conduct the Gun Safety Trainings. but anyone can also rent it for Php 1000 every hour. It can seat 300 people and is fully equipped with your audio and visual equipment needs.

3. Bullets. They only use non-toxic bullets for their guns. And the bullets can be bought starting at Php 7. If you're a beginner, consult the range officers which type of bullet you will need for your gun.

4. Gun Rental. A gun for rent costs Php 500 per day. Straightly put, you can rent a gun, shoot for 2 hours, eat lunch and still be able to go back again for a second session.

5. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Cafe. For those with kids and/or friends waiting for them to finish target shooting, the shooters can make them wait at the cafe right outside the shooting range. They also serve all-day breakfast rice meals at affordable prices.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in Reverse. The cafe makes the reception area smell homey and relaxing.


Oh it was an experience I wanna do all over again, that's for sure! If Stronghand wasn't so far from my place, I'd probably make a hobby out of this too. Feeling ko may future ako sa target shooting, eh! Haha again, I am kidding!

[L-R. Apple, Issa, me, Kira, Aldous] Photo grabbed from the Stronghand Shooting Range official photos.

This place is very family friendly and toxic-free. I haven't been to another target shooting range but this one seems like a good deal if you're a beginner wanting to get your ropes on target shooting.

Final Reminders
1. Wear comfortable clothes
2. Bring a valid ID (No ID, No Shooting Policy)


Stronghand Shooting Range
+632 7217174 | +63 9274243855
Mon-Sat  10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Sundays  10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Holidays (please call)

P.S. Thank you Miss Jinky of RMDC and Apple for setting this up. I will never forget the first time I shot at and defeated a cardboard. :)

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