That was fast, BDJ Box!

November 15, 2012

By noon today, a text came from a Fastpak saying he's already outside the apartment. I didn't really expect the BDJ Box to be delivered this early since I read from other blogs that it took them four days to a week of waiting before they got theirs. I can't be more happy because the delivery chanced on my work-from-home day so I was here to receive the package.


So how about I stop talking and post the unboxing shots?

Delivered to my house in 24 hours. Fast, indeed.

I wasn't able to take a photo of the postcard that contained the BDJ products of the month. (Haha I'm bad at this.)

It contained two things: the BDJ Box and the premium gift from Benefit.
Of course I chose the starred package! From my recent post, I noted the additional perks for paying for a prepaid subscription, and the Benefit product was one part of it. (Another thing is the lower monthly cost)

They didn't tell which Benefit product would be the "surprise" gift but I guess surprises are really something we all love so what I got was okay.

It came with five I'm Beautiful Like Me stickers. I love stickers. Maybe I'll do the tasks designated for each sticker. But if I get really selfish, I'll just keep them for myself.

Individual Product Shots

Hair Care | Loreal Total Repair Treatment

Facial Care | Garnier Pure Active

Facial Care | Loreal BB Cream and Night Cream

Fragrance | Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua

Hair Care | Syoss Shampoo and Conditioner

Facial Care | Yves Rocher Hydrating Toner

Makeup | Benefit POREfessional primer

Facial Care | Garnier Skin Naturals Light Moisturizer

The Score

So was it really worth it? (Answer after the segue)

I generally like getting deliveries, may it be food or items I ordered online. There's this thrill of "Hey, I have a package I can open AND IT'S ALL MINE!" This one, although I knew what I was going to get, via other blog posts, still gave me that thrill. Everything's new, dainty and perfect. Heck, even the box smells nice!

HOWEVER, given the chance to think about it thoroughly, I might NOT have pushed through with the subscription.  And this is why:
  1. I just woke up when I read the entry and apparently, lightheaded people tend to buy impulsively.
  2. The only things I really need right now are the shampoo, conditioner and facial wash so everything else have been bought on a whim
  3. Even though I have read that this box contains more than 1000-peso worth of products, I really wouldn't buy them anyway, not all at once at least.
  4. Most of the products are locally available. As in you can buy them in Watson's and not think twice about the price. 
  5. Sample Room's Try Before You Buy concept seems to be more appealing to me. You get to test samples for FREE before you decide to commit buying full-sized products. Unfortunately, the service is still not live. (Register na girls!)
Do I regret subscribing? 

No. Once in a while, everyone deserves to spoil themselves with unnecessary things and this is one of them. This one, though, is an experience I wanna have. And as I have stated, Belle de Jour has a special place in my heart during my college years. The online consensus from other bloggers, including myself, though is to have more makeup products on the next box and not too much stuff we can readily and easily buy in a drugstore.

For more information about the BDJ Box, click here. Also, there are other beauty boxes in the market with the same concept; the SaladBox and the GlamourBox.

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