Clinique Derma White Bright C Powder Foundation Discontinued?

November 13, 2012

Refills are priced at Php1950 in Rustan's. It comes with a sponge. Case sold separately. 
I've been using this Clinique powder foundation, Clinique Derma White Bright C Powder Foundation, from the Derma White line for 3 years now so when I browsed the Clinique website, I panicked when I didn't see it listed under powder foundations. Trying to calm myself, I entered Derma White on the search bar to see if the other products under the same range were still available. They were not. I immediately thought, "OMG! They discontinued the entire line???"

Didn't bother to clean it before taking a photo haha.
You see, I've been scrimping the last of my current foundie, wherein not only have the tin can surfaced, but is edges away from being gonezo, lest it cracks first. Yup, that happened before and I still used it until I bought a new one. (Read: Ang mahal, dapat sinusulit)

So I texted the trusty Clinique number that has been sending me promo updates in Rustan's Makati and got a prompt reply "We still have it in our counter, mam!"

I'm still thinking if I should wait it out or buy right away so I'll have a backup in case this one breaks. As to whether the Derma White line is indeed discontinued, I shall find out when I go the the Clinique counter at Rustan's.

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  1. Hi Jen, Do you know how much the whole set costs? the one where there's already the compact,powde and sponge? Thanks!

  2. The powder is sold as a refill and comes with a free sponge. The last time I bought a refill, it was priced at Php 1750. The compact is sold in two sizes, mine (on the photos above) costs Php 700 while the other one, which is smaller yet bulkier, just about the pan width of the powder, costs Php 500.

    All in all, it could either cost Php 2450 or Php 2250.

    I will be going to Rustan's to get a new refill tomorrow. I'll update you if there was a change in pricing. :D

  3. Thank you for the info Jenn. So they don't sell the item as a whole pala noh? Coz am wondering if it's cheaper if they sell it as a package instead of having to pay for 2 separate items. hehe

  4. No, they don't. I was bummed during my first purchase! Imagine, ang mahal na nga nung powder, then I'll HAVE to pay for the case too. Haha!

    Pabili ka sa Duty Free! You'll save Php 600-700. :D

  5. oh, that's a great idea. sge will do just that! :-) Thanks Jenn.