Boom! Quarter-Life Crisis!

November 06, 2012

Sometimes, I just want to walk out on life and enact Samantha Sweeting from Sophie Kinsella's Undomestic Goddess. How fun would it be to experience a totally uncharted territory, far away from your comfort zone? Moreover, it's the idea of finding a Nathaniel that sells this idea to me. (That part where they made love in the garden made me do things to myself haha, seriously) But then it always hits me, I DO NOT LIKE DOING HOUSEHOLD CHORES.

The only Samantha Sweeting, the housekeeper, job I would probably latch on would be cooking but seeing that I'm the only housekeeper in a huge mansion, that might not work out. Also, where can I really find a rich couple living a huge mansion around here that would be that feeble-minded. So yes, that option is out.

Before, I'd only hear about mid-life crisis and did not know that there was "quarter-life crisis" was also a thing. Because really, what would 20-something people have to worry about? It's at this stage where we are preparing ourselves to be at our prime. It's the time when our bodies will never look better. It's the time when we have the actual power to make our dreams come true.

So really, how do we get ourselves in a quarter-life crisis?

Some people get their hearts broken. And you know what they say about getting your heart broken at such a late time; you have the chance to totally ruin your life. BOOM! Quarter-life crisis!

Some people are not satisfied by where they stand in their career. Some are underpaid. Some think they are overqualified. Some know that there's more that they can give but they are stuck doing repetitive, routine-based work. BOOM! Quarter-life crisis!

Some people are in various relationship conflicts. Some feel that they need to please family because that's what's right, regardless of how they feel. Some cannot confront their feelings towards ill-worded perceptions. Some do not know how to resolve conflict so they'd rather let it brew until they get exhausted. BOOM! Quarter-life crisis!

Some people cannot live their lives because at such young age, they are expected by their families to be the sole breadwinner. Some try to be a good provider, keeping their needs and desires on hold, or until the time they finally explode with frustration. BOOM! Quarter-life crisis!

There may be more instances, some more difficult than those mentioned. But all's the same in providing the biggest hurdles you've ever encountered, so far. You get really really depressed until you just admit it and say it out loud. "Everything's wrong."

I need a hug.

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  1. Bumped into your blog looking for a review on Manila Pavilion's Buffet. I enjoy the wit and humor of your articles. :D I think I too am experiencing a quarter-life crisis after reading this. BOOM! Hahaha!

  2. Hello! I should say, though, that the crisis we're in is a good learning step for what lies ahead. Anything less, life would be insanely boring. Haha. Thanks for reading. :D