Of flat chests and masking tapes

November 18, 2012

Today Last Friday, I used a masking tape as a bra strap.

Yes, you read that right! Allow me to narrate how this happened... (If this was a TV series: cue the montage and goofy music)

I woke up late and had to be at the office to submit my reimbursable receipts by 2PM. However, I was still at home by 1:30PM. Being not the kind of person efficient and OC enough to plan what to wear for the whole week, I usually just clothe and dash. I picked out the first skirt and tshirt and then, it came to underwear.

I got hold of my tshirt bra (seamless; the one to wear underneath shirts to prevent unnecessary imprints) but unfortunately, it doesn't have its straps on. Knowing that I didn't have time to look for it, I did the most logical thing, I went out strapless.

At first, it wasn't a problem but when I started running around the office to catch the deadline, I had to pull it up several times. I got fed up and my back started to hurt so I went to 7Eleven, where there's always cheap transparent bra straps for sale. And just my luck, they were out!

Seriously, people buy those?! Ever since, there has always been a stock that I wondered if there was no demand at all. So when I needed it most, I was so sure that I would be able to get my hands on a pair. I WAS WRONG.

After calming myself down, I carefully scanned the school supplies section. "Of course, I can probably use a tape as a strap to hold them together!", I thought. And there I was, rushing to the restroom as soon as I bought the masking tape.

It was pretty simple DIY strap as I only made it into a halter. It was the least time-consuming and it did the job alright.

INSTRUCTIONS (should this happen to you too)

  1. Buy a tape, masking tape is more preferred as it doesn't stretch like a scotch tape.
  2. Measure the length from one bra strap hook holder to the other. Make sure it passes behind your nape. Or not, just pull a long strip. You can always cut it anyway. 
  3. Cut the measured strip.
  4. Fold it lengthwise. The adhesive part should stick together.
  5. Go the the restroom and remove your bra.
  6. At the one end, fold it two more times or more until it could fit the bra strap hook holder.
  7. Do it with the other side.
  8. Wear the bra.
  9. Adjust to desired comfort.
  10. Lock the ends by tying each of them into a knot.
P.S. I still feel sexy, even with a flat chest.

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