I'm a sheep!

November 13, 2012

Have you seen the latest Apartment 23 episode? No? For those who haven't, the title above is a quote from June when she realized that she is a victim to advertising, to what the media imposes as cool, sexy and hot. Often, we call this the bandwagon.

Well guess who just joined another one? Haha me! I just subscribed to a BDJ Box.

I've been seeing blog posts about this since October but I really didn't get hyped by it. You see back then I looked at the website and saw that the contents for the October box weren't displayed so I thought "hmm this might not be worth it since I can't compute how much savings I'll get."

Until Saab Magalona posted about it on her blog. Ack! I'm a sheep!

Check out the starred subscriptions for more value for your money! (Haha but really, I'm just hoping the free BDJ Planner will make up for this impulsive purchase.)

Quick Trivia: Len and I based our entire college thesis on a Belle de Jour planner!

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