13th Month Pay Treat To Self

November 28, 2012

So like I suspected, I got lazy at blogging again once I reactivated my Facebook profile. But this girl's gotta move on. I've also been missing a lot so here I am, back in the wonderful world of Facebook.

Last Thursday marked the day we got our 13th month pay. As soon as I got out of bed, I immediately walked to FullyBooked Bonifacio High Street (without taking a bath or combing my hair first, of course!) in the hopes of finding the book that I have been checking out on their online bookstore. I didn't want to spend an additional hundred bucks for delivery so off I went to the bookstore.

Because I cannot find this book, which is supposed to be a bestseller self-help book, and I already finished a tub of sour frozen yogurt, I had to surrender to my growling stomach. I went back to the ground floor then I thought, "If it's a bestseller, maybe it's in their bestseller section? Will browse really quick."

I did not find it.

What I did found was the Top 1 in the Comics section. In that instant, I had to buy it!

It's the wedding edition of Archie and it took 70 years in the making! IT IS IN HARDBOUND! I've never had a comic book in hardbound before. *tears*

So who did Archie finally got to marry?

Who else, but my Veronica Lodge!

Okay, I was kidding. I have been a fan of V since I started reading Archie Comics back in grade school, saving every peso I had to buy another issue. I remember making a contract with my parents that allowed me to earn Php10-100  every quiz or periodical exam that I got full marks on. 

I was 7.

By grade 2, there have been quite a lot of them so I joined the lot of classmates that rented out their fairytale books to each other for Php5. Although, I forgot how much was the exact rate I gave for the Digest and Double Digest comics. I never recovered most of them. /sadface

So going back to the hardbound comics, this is one of those books that have two storylines. They're two stories of what-ifs and what could've been if Archie chose this one over the other. Archie actually grew up, which was a nice character buildup from his usual happy go lucky attitude.

Naturally, I read the Veronica version first. 

I still haven't found the time to finish the whole thing because life's being a little dramatic at the moment. I couldn't risk a tear falling on the pages. 

Here's Betty's cover version.

Betty's nice and all but as a child, maybe I have just related more with Veronica.
At the back inside flap, there's a comic insert featuring classic stories from half a century ago.

Priced at Php1050, it's the perfect gift for a fan you know, unless of course they already have their own copy since this has been around for quite some time. As for me, buying it this fast and without a second thought, I really wouldn't consider as an impulse buy. I would have bought it anyway even after mulling overnight.

And yup, I forgot that I was hungry!

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