Good News and Bad News: Globe Gcash and Gcash Amex

November 18, 2012

The Bad News

If you haven't heard of the collaboration of Globe Gcash and American Express Virtual Card these past few days, then you must have been on an internet-less zone. #GcashAmex

After the launch several weeks/months (?) ago, I tried to subscribe to Gcash Amex but when I called 2882 to get *KYC'd, but I was only told "someone will be calling you to KYC". I never got the call. Then, I moved on.
*KYC - Know Your Customer, is a process which requires a one-time validation of your identity as required by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. - [source]
So when the blogosphere was hit with blog posts (mostly due to sponsored contests from bloggers and Globe / yay prizes!) about the Globe Gcash Amex, it was impossible not to become interested again. I told you, I am sheep! Haha.

I immediately went to Sephora to buy makeup, even debated with myself if I should purchase with a 3-Step skin care regimen from Clinique. It was in my shopping basket, and then I chickened out. It is my first time purchasing using the Gcash Amex after all so I didn't want to buy everything I want in one go.

Also, I wanted to take advantage of the promotional codes for samples and freebies for every $25 purchase. Meaning, I'll get to use another promo code if I bought them separately. To this hour, I still don't know if that is bad or smart. Hah!

When I was already placing my order, this thing happened.
The credit card americanExpress could not be authorized for payment: We are unable to authorize your credit card. Please enter a different credit card or another valid method of payment. For additional information, please contact your financial institution.
For assistance, please contact Sephora Client Services at 1-877-SEPHORA (1-877-737-4672)
Please review your order information.
If everything is correct, click the Place Order button.

Text posted above so you can read it better.  :)
At this point, I instantly received a text message from Gcash saying the transaction with *American Express American Express [sic] cannot be completed due to my insufficient balance. The thing is, my account has more than enough.

*someone needs to point out the typo error
I tried it again after waiting for a while, received the same error message on Sephora and same text message from Gcash. I had to give up at some point so I just took this as something that is not meant for me. Or at least not yet.

So how long do you have to have the cash inside the Gcash wallet for it to deem usable for an Amex transaction? Does anyone know?

The Good News

I had been ranting about my feelings for the Bank to Gcash function being down since June 2012. The reason I kept getting from the customer representatives was "We are having a server upgrade at the moment. No update and timeline on when it'll be back." It has been a pain in the ass since this was what I used to pay my bills. And apparently, many people were affected too, basing on my blog's stats.

So imagine my joy and surprise when I saw this text message two days ago! More good news: I didn't have to re-subscribe to anything. 

Though I'm in the IT field, I don't know how long server upgrades usually take. Well, that's almost 6 months of server upgrade right there! (To those who know, please do tell.) But apart from that, I'm mostly happy that I can easily shop online again. I even cashed in some money so I can fund my Gcash Amex transaction (posted above).

And yup, it works perfectly! (Read: See the Gcash wallet balance above? It is more than enough to be able to purchase that $76 invoice. The fact that I wasn't permitted to spend for another impulse buy might just be enough to be counted as a good news, no?)

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  1. Smartmoney is still a better option, money wised

  2. Are there more pros in using Smartmoney that I don't know of? Gcash, I think, is more widely used though.

  3. when i try to update my us itunes acct billing info using the gcash amex i get the error "Your credit card has expired *2/18*. Please enter valid credit card information". help:(

  4. Hi, i$76 is roughly Php3,268 (approx Php43 bec GCASH charges a bit higher than the market rate) so it could be the reason why your payment was not accepted :)