Trivial Thoughts: On white bikinis

October 31, 2012

In my opinion, a white pair of bikinis are the hardest to wear, swimwear-wise. (Not that I actually swim haha) I don't know if it's the simplicity that you don't have anywhere to hide the imperfections, or really just the fact that white cloth turns translucent when wet, something I learned from Cougar Town. 

The stuff I ordered from Zalora arrived 30 minutes earlier (that fast!) and like some wide-eyed kid that just got a gift, I tried my newest pair of bikini, a white ruffled one. It looked perfect on the model from the website and so I imagined it would look decent on me as well. 

And it did. 

It looked perfect, sexy and skimpy. A little bit more skimpy on the back side than I would have preferred though, which led me to ask, "Is my butt big or is the cloth really just small at the back side?"

I took a photo but it was filled with my cluttered room. Typical.

Where would I wear something so perfect? Well, perfect until it gets wet. Boracay, perhaps? 

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