REPOST: It's general cleaning day.

January 31, 2010

Xy tricked me into coming out of the bed because I have been making excuses to stay in bed and sleep.

Then noon came, I finally started cleaning.

So did he.

We moved furniture.

We mopped the floor and dealt with the eww stuff.

We fought (with flying cellphones and all).

He went out to buy water.

I hid (this was funny).

He returned and looked for me.

He found me and started to laugh (I hid inside my closet*).
 He carried me out.

We made up.

We finished cleaning.

So yay! At least we ended up well and my house ended up tidy and clean. Now, were just waiting for the food to arrived. Jollibee delivery splurge. We deserve it.

* This was the childhood peeve that I had. When I was mad at my parents, I always say "Maglalayas ako" but I could not do it. So I hide in my closet to make them worry, instead. Yes, I was a sadist even when I was little.

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