VMV Foundie damaged

January 10, 2010

.. they came back for more. this time, they're more vicious and mean.
Yes, I'm talking about the rats nibbling everything they can put their little mighty teeth into.

I thought I have won the fight when I placed Raccumin all over the house on Saturday night. I woke up on Sunday morning without the sounds of the rats running around.
Then just right now, I saw my VMV Skin Alchemy foundation tube leaking onto its side. Damn you pests! Did it even taste good, huh? I'll be sure to setup a good revenge on you. You better watch out! Your days here are numbered.

My poor foundie, Peachy (Yes, it has a name!), is damaged. She does her job really well and she does not deserve this.

By the way, my Skin Alchemy shade is Pecan. It used to really suit me well but lately, I think my skin became fairer than before so I seldom use this foundie now. I'll just blog about the foundie experience on different entry.

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  1. you might want to try using those fly papers from bygon... the ones with seriously sticky glue/rugby. they're really effective :)