New Year's Resolution...

January 11, 2010

Well, I don't like creating resolutions anyway. Imagine the guilt you'll have if you didn't get to stick to them?

But I do have things that I want to do more. Like...

...Listen to more music - Super out of the loop ako sa music industry lalo't hindi na ako sumasayaw ngaun. T_T

...Write on my planner - Sayang ang planner kung hindi masusulatan.

...Do more spontaneous and adventurous stuff - We only get to live once.

...Go to dance classes - It's an exercise that works for me. Now that I'm not getting any, my tummy is not nesvita-shoot worthy anymore.

...Go take swimming lessons - I seriously need to take this if I want to audition for The Amazing Race Asia 4. (Shoutout TARA 4, kelan na ba ang next production? :D)

Ohhh.. One more thing, I guess.

...Sleep more - The world is not going anywhere you know. (This is me, talking to myself)

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