February 09, 2010

Change is inevitable, such a cliche, Yes? Okay, so even though I would not admit it in front of everyone, I know that I have some sort of dislike and fear of change, especially to HR people. ;)

Change can invoke so many human emotions; fear, discomfort, sadness, abrasiveness, and rarely, happiness. Fact: Before I slept last night, I loved where I was at. I felt secure, loved and contented. Now, how should I say this.. Hmmm. Now, I feel like someone just threw bricks at me telling me that I will never be forever happy on the dreamland I was in. Somehow, i had to wake up from the fantasies.

I had everything mapped out. It even came to the point that I have planned on how I will react when a certain situation would arise. I let my guard down and now, I fell from way up, with an extra loud thud.

There will be an explanation for everything I saw, I know there would. But what I do not know is if I still would learn how to regain that trust, and if I'm even capable of it. Sucks that I'm even doubting that I will. True enough, everyone will disappoint us, even the people we love.

So, Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010, I might not be able to see you after all. This is a sad Valentine's weekend in the making. Booo!

P.S. I could not cry. Why? I don't like this. I'm feeling numb and all.

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