Plan vs What Actually Happened: Part 1

January 10, 2010


Plan: After getting home, I will be cleaning my house so I could win a bet. (Read: The bet involves me cleaning the house. If I win, I will get the pleasure of rewatching Avatar in an Imax theater for FREE, courtesy of boyfriend. If I lose, I'll be the one to treat both of us.Either way, I'll get to rewatch it. Yay me!)

WAH: I was lured into watching TV series, eating chicharon and bumming all day. I decided to start cleaning on Sunday.

(Taken around Sunday noon. This, in fact, is the second most decent part of the house.The first being my bed.)


Plan: I will wake up around 6AM, gather my dirty laundry, pick up garbage and trash and soil (yes, soil. There's plenty just in front my door.), mop the floor, disinfect, polish and rearrange the furniture.

WAH: I woke up at 11AM, was too lazy to start cleaning so I surfed the net and wasted my time accomplishing nothing. I finished watching 5 past episodes of Survivor (Micronesia), 3 episodes of 10 Things I Hate About You and half episode of Numb3rs. I then decided to clean a little bit. But then I got distracted again with Tumblr and Facebook. After posting and backreading, I watched Wizards of Waverly Place on Deck with Hannah Montana (Disney crossover of 3 different TV shows. So cool!), Camp Rock Behind the Scenes on Youtube, Step Up 3D behind the scenes on Youtube and the work of Jon M. Chu on Youtube.

It's now 1:48 AM. I'm back in front of my laptop with my tasks half done. Good thing I don't have work today. But it's just too sad to be cleaning on a day off instead of just relaxing as originally intended.

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