Why I Love the Christmas Season

January 11, 2010

Sure, Christmas is not the real birth date of Jesus Christ, most people already know that. Even so, people in this season are visibly more kind, more generous and more loving. So if there is a time of  the year when people are at their best, would you not want to celebrate with them? It really shouldn't be called ignorance since most people know these facts. It's about choosing to be happy and forgetting differences even only for that time.

That was just a thought I wanted to include here. What I really want to blog about is the love that people exude during that time of the year, which, sadly, is roughly another 11 months from now.

I tried this thing in Facebook where I posted a status of me saying that I'm in love. As planned, I didn't post any comment. I just waited to see how people will react. 

I couldn't print screen all of comments but here's a part of it. 

After talllying the results, the post got: 

13 yes
3   no
1   maybe
5   just commented on the status

It's not much comments but it's also not bad considering the time of the week it was posted. 


I find it amazing that people opened themselves for a bit and posted comment on how they felt during that time.

Now, are you in love?

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