The Body Shop's Flawless Skin Protecting Foundation SPF 25

January 31, 2010

So I tried out this foundation from The Body Shop (TBS) last month because I wanted an alternate powder foundation for my Clinique Bright-C powder. It's the TBS's Flawless Skin Protecting Foundation SPF 25 variant, my shade is #4.

It has this creamy consistency that I like because it easily blended on my face. And yes, it stayed with its title--Flawless Skin. It has a full coverage that hid my pimple scars even without concealer. It also covered large pores. It looked really good on my face until I went out of work (my December shift was 4am-1pm then). Alas, the foundation doubling as a sunscreen had its toll. It started to look icky because of my oily-type skin. 

When I got home, I did my usual routine of cleaning my face when I wear makeup in the office--makeup remover, facial lotion scrub and toner. Then right the next day, I had a breakout. My pimples were flared up like hell. Days after, when it did not subside, I ran straight to my dermatologist. Come the Christmas holidays, my face became clearer again, with the exception of some nasty pimple scars.

I have only used it once and I haven't used my TBS foundie since then. And now, I'm giving it away. You can just wash the sponge or even just buy a new one. The foundie itself is still good as new, you could even still see the first dab that I made. Any takers?

(Note: I have texted a friend regarding this but she still have not responded. So until she responds here, this one is still up for grabs)

Edit: Original price: Around P1300. So whoever asks for it first, gets it. 

That's me and my unmade bed right there. Can you see the first dab?

(Another note: The reason why I'm giving this away is to not have anyone breakout like I did. We all have different types of skin, mine's REALLY sensitive and my dermatologist would agree. I'm giving this away because although it worked bad for me, this product might work wonders for someone else. Had I not have this sensitive skin, I would keep this being that this is a full-coverage foundation. Surely, it saves a lot of time because it also doubles as a concealer.)

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  1. Where did you bought this?? Is this still available here in TBS P.I?? Thanks!

    1. Hello. Last time I went at a TBS store, this was still available. I bought it in TBS Market! Market! :)