Getting Old, Getting New

January 25, 2010

I'm getting old and I need a new job. It's either that or me winning a jackpot of the lottery. What are the odds that I achieve the latter than the former, eh? Oh well, anyone can wish.

My short-term goal right now right now is to land a new job before the second half of 2010 begins. It's a goal  that I would want to aim sooner rather than later. 

Right now I'm in this huge multinational IT company, which shall not be named, doing a job that I don't remotely like. During the interviews, I was one of the naive fresh grads who thought that once I get in a good company, I can just work my way up until I could transfer to a department that I really like to hone myself into. It seemed a good plan since at that time, almost a year ago, this company did not hire fresh grads for the positions that I like. And yes, now they do and it sucks! I already talked with a manager from the department that I do like. He told me that, "your releasing manager will be the one in charge of when you'll be eligible to apply for our department". As this question was already asked during my initial interview pre-hiring, I knew then that we only have to stay for 1 year on our current position before we can apply for different roles.

But then, my manager brought it up during our performance review. Contradicting to what she said pre-hiring, the years of stay should be 2 years before they can endorse me to another department. That I can understand if they are only accepting experienced professionals for the job. But they aren't! Remember, they are now accpeting fresh grads on the team. 

I am therefore led into questioning the internal application process.  We were told that the reason for the 1-year period is so that we could master the processes in our department before we could transfer to another. My reaction to this would be that a Service Desk process is completely different from that of a Network Engineer or a Database Administration process! That is why they are on a completely different department, right? So why bother wasting the time of the employee and the employer for two years when the employee would not be happy at all hence making the employer to risk the services they give by making a lot of employees unhappy?

Yes, this might be a biased point of view. But there has to be a fine line drawn between being taken for a fool and sensibility. Imagine, if an employee would resign now on a current position, after six months, employee will then be eligible to apply to the company again. Heck, that is faster than waiting for two years doing a job you don't like, right? I only I had the financial resources, I would have turned in my resignation paper ages ago. Now, I'm just the cum laude IT graduate turned into a person who does not appreciate her company. I know, I should count my blessings and I'm thankful that I have a job. But staying in this company is really frustrating. I would not wish this to happen to any of my friends.

So yes, I think I would prefer the lotto jackpot better! Tee hee. (FACT: I haven't placed an entry ever since so how will I win!)

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