Sweet City Suite: F1 Hotel Manila

August 10, 2013

This post is a bit too late but I still wanted to publish to add to the few reviews on the Internet for the first ever hotel there is in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

City Suite view. This room does not have a balcony but you get to see this nice BGC view from the windows.
Hotel room parties have just recently become a thing for when there are friends who would celebrate birthdays or just for special occasions. This started when my manager hosted our team Christmas party in Ascott Makati last December. This also marked the first time I drunk-slept in a bathroom.

Since then, almost every celebration were held in the hotel room party belt of Metro Manila, that is Ortigas. Ascott was a really NICE hotel, and probably so are most hotels in Makati. It's just that they're too pricey for anyone to consider. In Ortigas, there are plenty of choices to hold your "dinner parties" with better rates so there we flock. This post, however, is dedicated to the first hotel in Taguig, away from the usual.

F1 Hotel Manila is fairly new. It's so new that when we were there, the reception was under construction. Unlike other parties, this one was a staycation. My former teammates and I, or the Purple Team as we called our small group, missed celebrating the birthday party of another former teammate, Jam. And being the big shot that she is, she booked the City Suite two days before the day itself for a nice and quiet dinner party. (Wow sorry for the long intro)

Without further adieu, here are the photos of the room. Yup, not carpets but hardwood floors!
Photo taken from the corner of the room. The lack of walls made the room seem more spacious
This is the first suite I have been to where there are no room/s. This one had two main parts, the living area and the bed area. No, it does NOT have a kitchen. I can also see how the lack of privacy could shy away people looking for prospect hotels to throw their "dinner parties" at. But for those who would want for everyone to interact, this will be the perfect setting to do so. (Read: Nowhere to hide)

The two-seater couch AKA my bed.  
For more floor space, should there be a need, you can always rearrange the table and couch, provided that you return them to their original places. In front of this couch is the LCD television. (I'm not good with TV sizes but hopefully you can picture)

Should you be curious, yes, it has a USB slot. Now, I'd like to take this opportunity to warn you of the poor sound-proofing for the door. Whatever sound you make near this door, will be heard outside. It was a good thing we didn't have neighbors because I was playing loud party music all afternoon.

Beside the living area, there is a closet and the mini-fridge (no photo). No, there is no microwave. No, there are no eating utensils. There are, however, two mugs and a coffee/tea pot. There are also two complimentary bottles of water. Again, there is no kitchen for the City Suite, so if you're thinking of cooking the food for the dinner party, bring the food already cooked or you can always order in.

Next is the workspace. It has a working LAN port! It's FREE. It's situated just between the bed area and the rest room. I sat here to work for an hour but moved to the couch. Something about not wanting to sit on a desk after a 5-day work week.

It also contained the service landline and the hotel room service menu. I checked the food prices and they weren't that exorbitant. We were craving for Kare-kare though so we opted to have a Max's Delivery instead.

Next is the bathroom. If you've read other reviews, this is the most celebrated part of the suite. I would agree. It was spacious and clean. It has the much raved rain shower head. Most importantly, there was ample lighting and a LOT of mirrors. I forgot to take a photo of the toilet but behind it is also a wall of mirror. I LOVE MIRRORS. Seriously, who wouldn't want to see their faces everywhere they look? *narcissistic laugh*

There are basic toilet/bath supply you'll find in a normal hotel room plus a sewing kit. It came in handy for me when I wanted to make a quick alteration on my tube dress. I'd like to think that it helped, even just a little bit.

I stitched the middle top part to make my chest look less flat!
 Also, just so you know, the hair blower is in the cabinet below the sink. Haha I've been looking everywhere until Janice (girl in the red dress above) pointed out that if they had a blower, it would probably be in the cabinet. Of course!

Last but not the least, the beds. Not too soft and not to hard, it was just the right Goldilocks firmness. According to the room description, there will be two double beds, but it was pretty big. (Or is this really how standard double-sized beds should be?) What I loved the most on this side of the room is the iPod dock, which you could see on the bed side table, the one with the blue LED lights. It was so amazing, I wanted to take it home with me.

When I got tired of dancing to party music while jumping up and down the bed, I watched 3 episodes of Girls while waiting for the Purple Team to arrive. Life's too short. Jump on beds, especially if they're not yours. Haha!
And if ever you can't be bothered to read through all that, here's the rundown of the room.

HotelF1 Hotel Manila
Room Type: City Suite
Booking SiteAgoda
Promo25% discount
Total Amount5,355.00 (Inclusive of all additional charges e.g., taxes)
Parking Slot: A city suite is given 1 parking slot; Alternatively, there are plenty parking lots around
Checkin/Checkout: 2PM/12PM respectively. We checked out late though. Around 1:30PM and we were not charged extra.
Smoking Room: Available upon request
Elevator access: Keycard needed when navigating through floors 
Extra keycards: Not strict on asking for multiple keycards (I think we got 6!)
LAN/WiFi: FREE for both
TV: Yes with USB port
iPod dock: Yes, also functions as an alarm clock
Kitchen: None; Mini-ref w/o freezer is available; No microwave
T/B: Basic amenities + sewing kit + hair blower
Closet: Ironing set, hangers, security box
Corkage Fee: None
Near establishments: St. Lukes Hospital, S&R, and practically the whole BGC (It was raining and I was able to go to Serendra to buy eyeliner and buy groceries from convenience stores)
Near club/bar areas: The Fort Strip, Burgos Circle

F1 Hotel Manila
Address: 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City
Contact Number: 928.9888 / 908.7888
Email them at: inquiry@f1hotelsandresorts.com
Official Website: www.f1hotelmanila.com
Like them on: facebook.com/f1hotelmanila
Follow them: @F1Hotel

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  1. ilan kayo nung nagpunta?

  2. Hi. Sorry for the late reply. 5 kaming natulog dun pero may 3 people pang dumating bukod samin. :)

  3. Hi! Ask ko lang kung di naman sila strict sa number of guests na matutulog? Or may additional charge? And ask ko nadin sang hotel pa kayo naghold ng party na di strict? Hehe. Thank you very much!

  4. Hi Justine. Ilang beses ako/kami lumabas-pasok sa hotel pero di naman kami tinanong kung anong hotel room number. Pero medyo maliit yung suite nila kaya medyo 'di value for the money.

    Usually either sa Linden Suites, Astoria Plaza, Discovery Shores-- all within Ortigas kami naghhold ng parties. Sila na ata yung pinaka-lenient pero syempre, exercise caution pa rin para hindi ma-charge ng extra. =)

  5. The place looks very good, neat, clean and relaxing. Hope that I can stay also in that hotel. Thanks for sharong this to us.
    Guijo Suites Makati Hotel

  6. I love purple ^^ i love this hotel hehe by - hotels in manila