Of Life's Soundtracks

August 10, 2013

I used to not care about music.

It's often disappointing for people to know that I dance and yet I didn't know any music aside from those songs I'm currently rehearsing. When they ask, I just let out this half-thought excuse that I'm more of a TV person, which I really am.

If there's one thing singlehood has given me, it's the appreciation for music. Don't get me wrong, I didn't suddenly become a music enthusiast. I just have given it a slice of my attention. And I remember EXACTLY how this happened. Ironically, it was a guy.

This person is so into music that in every conversation, there was a way he could inject his kind of jam to the topics. Whenever we were together, he would play songs on loop. The thing was, I didn't exactly love his song choices. Good guy, yet his songs drove me crazy. I didn't know it then but I think this was another reason why we didn't happen. Nevertheless, it put music on my radar.

Come March, I started really liking John Mayer. It was influenced by a girl from my photography club who talked passionately about her love for John Mayer. Around this time, I was really receptive to other people's kind of music. Whenever friends would post songs I didn't know on Facebook, I'll listen just so I'd know if I'll actually like it or not.

Then entered April 2013, the month when I started to find joy in clubbing.

Back in college, I used to hate going to clubs. When my dance troupe went clubbing, I'd just sit idly at our table, constantly looking at my phone's time (because I don't wear watches heh) and then asking people when we'll be leaving. One time, people didn't want to leave but because I was being too grumpy, they all had to stop dancing. I was living alone. I didn't had a curfew. What was wrong with me?

Not cool. I know that now.

Starting April, I was out partying every single week, even on weekdays. I had a 10 straight weeks record of being in bars/clubs according to Foursquare, and that's because I only started using the app again around May. As of today, I'm still hooked on club anthems. I won't say EDM per se because that's a whole genre that I have yet committed myself into liking just basing on my love for the 60+ songs currently on my party playlist, which is aptly named "Parteeey" by the way. How original.

This, plus my friends' influences, I was able to branch out to other genres that I will choose to not yet talk about because, again, I'm still pretty new at this. However, this I can say: I used to not care about music. Now, I kinda get it when people talk about a certain soundtrack of their lives. Mine's currently Midnight City from M83.

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