I just stole a pack of Wonka Pixy Stix from Petron C5*

August 06, 2013

Or at least it could look like it.

Here's the thing. I bought two items: 1 bottle of Real Leaf Iced Tea (a Coca-Cola product by the way!) and a pack of Pixy Stix. Below you'll see the actual receipt.

The written Pixy Stix item was added after I returned to the cashier
I paid 200 pesos for a 156-peso total amount due. I got a 44-peso change as expected. Upon exiting the store, I noticed that the Pixy Stix was not included in the receipt. I went back inside to ask the cashier. I was told, "Wala pa yan sa **POS namin eh." I then replied, "Hindi ba bawal yan?" She again responded with the same answer. She, then, told me she could just write the name and amount of the Pixy Stix in the receipt. I let her write it but apart from that, that was it. I asked again if that was alright. She repeated her first answer, that the item is not maintained in their POS.

Knowing that the conversation will not lead to anything conclusive other than her response, I just said loudly that I'll be reporting this to the authorities and went out of the store.

In hind sight, I should have just returned the Pixy Stix and got my money back, but at the time, I was already salivating for the tangy powder goodness so I went with it anyway. (What can I say, I love my Pixy Stix!) I did, however, already submitted a report to DTI.

UPDATE: I received an email receipt reply from DTI a day after saying they will respond to my complaint after seven days.

*No, I didn't really steal a pack of Wonka Pixy Stix. It only looked like it because the OFFICIAL RECEIPT only acknowledged my payment for the iced tea. I could have had stolen it and it wouldn't make any difference since it's not on their system. Also, all the Pixy Stix and other items not on their POS will potentially not make their store's income tax returns.
**POS - Point of Sale system

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  1. Some kid prolly left it there for you to eat it and later on, do bad deeds for the kid.