Hooray for Canned Sisig!

August 01, 2013

I always believed that everything Purefoods made was good. Their Tender Juicy hotdogs I will always find juicy, their honeycured bacon is both relatively cheap and fail-safe, their corned beef I will always buy whenever I shop for groceries. All that were enough to make me pick that can from aisle 17, the can which said Purefoods Sizzling Delights Sisig.

Fast forward to two weeks later, I looked in the cupboard and saw the can still untouched. Since today is a no-spending day, why not eat this instead. So in probinsya fashion, I opened the can using a knife. (Yes, I've known how to open a can without a can opener since childhood. Also, our can opener is busted.) And emptied the contents in a pan. I let is simmer until the liquid was gone and added a spoon of mayonnaise because I have low tolerance for spicy food, also because that's how Sisig Hooray does their sisig.

It was an okay meal but I wouldn't recommend eating this daily, even when you're trying to save money. The MSG content is just too high. I didn't check the nutritional facts on the label for this but my body felt all that MSG alright.

P.S. I do not have photographic memory. Aisle 17 is made up. It just sounded much dramatic to include an aisle number. :p

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