World of Defiance

August 13, 2013

I'd say one of my hobbies would be watching/marathoning/getting addicted to TV series. Aside from my regular watch list, whenever there are new shows, I make sure to download their Pilot episode. If I want the experience to be more interesting, I won't IMDB the series plot just so it could elevate the watching ordeal even more. If the pilot latched onto me, I will download the rest of the episodes. If it didn't, it will be permanently deleted off my hard disk.

Since I haven't posted anything TV-related recently and being that this blog cannot decide what it wants to be, theme-wise, here's a rundown on the most recent Pilot-tested series on my list. I eventually downloaded everything up until the most recent episode.
  1. The setting is year 2046, 33 years after the Earth was invaded by aliens. The main setting of Defiance, the town, was in St. Louis, Missouri.   
  2. The aliens traveled in space for 5000 years to get to Earth. They came in here in Arks (alien ships) and on hypersleep state.
  3. The Earth's surface has been terraformed by the aliens to suit their inhabitancy. 
  4. Julie Benz (Dexter, No Ordinary Family) is the town Mayor.
  5. Grant Bowler is a war veteran with an adopted alien girl. He soon becomes the lawkeeper when the previous one died.
  6. The show has managed to have foul words to be said over and over again as the characters wished, without fear of getting censored. How? They created new words! Shtako = shit; Bullshtak = bullshit; Gwoking/chuping = fucking; Kanga = damn; Tungaz = ass
  7. Prostitution and brothels are legal. 
  8. A woman can have two or more husbands. I didn't quite catch if it's the same with men. But whenever men have urges, they have the NeedWant for that. (See #5) 
  9. The creator of the alien languages also created Game of Thrones' Dothraki.
Note: The text above has been written a month ago and has been gathering mold in the Draft status. I swiftly finished the whole season and as of writing, I already cannot remember all the tiny details. I just wanted to say that the second to the last episode was intense and it made me love this show even more. The finale, however, was kinda anti-climactic. But when I think about it, so are almost every other show. The ones that come into my head first was GoT and Mad Men. Anyway, Season 2 is said to be aired next year, June 2014.

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