Where I Go To Get Waxed

June 09, 2013

I have plenty of hair. For someone who loves the beach too much, I do my duty in making sure that there's no unwanted hair peeking out when I do my jump shots and scorpion poses. I shave my legs using the trusty Veet depilatory cream. I get my eyebrows threaded in my go to salon. For the bikini area, I either get a Brazilian wax or a bikini wax. Here's the rundown of the three waxing salons I frequent.

Lay Bare
Branch: Market! Market! (nearest)
Usual service: Brazilian wax, bikini wax, underarm wax
Price: P450, P250, P150 respectively
Waiting time: 1hr if you're lucky; 2hrs or more during peak hours. Go shopping while waiting for your turn.
Room: Very basic. Not really a room-room as there are only dividers. You can hear the other customers.
Pain meter: They claim their cold wax is painless but it really isn't true. To reiterate, IT IS PAINFUL. Very.
Details: They wax area by area; smaller applications mean more wax pulls.
Value for money: Awesome. It's the cheapest rates you'll find.
Comment: Even though inexpensive, the long lines are so discouraging that I often go to the waxing salon that charges more. The most absurd number of people queued before me was 27. They were gonna service 27 people and it was already 7PM.
More comments: With only a few waxing technicians and waxing rooms, and a long queue to service, they tend not to be more keen on the details. In short, hindi sobrang linis. I guess it's a "You get what you pay for" thing.

Let's Face It
Branch: Market! Market! (not really a waxing salon but they wax as well)
Usual service: Brazilian wax, bikini wax, underarm wax
Price: P650, P450, P250 respectively (not sure if the figures are correct)
Waiting time: None, 95% of the time.
Room: They use the same rooms as their massage rooms; It has a very tranquil ambiance.
Pain meter: Tolerable pain. Less painful than Lay Bare.
Details: They apply a big patch of hot wax. Less pulls. Faster service.
Value for money: If you're someone who values your time and cannot afford to go on leisurely trips to the mall, this waxing place is for you. They're more expensive than Lay Bare but more often than not, you wouldn't have to wait at all to be serviced.
Comment: I like that they really clean it all. Definitely mas malinis yung pagkaka-wax compared to Lay Bare.
More comments: This is my go to waxing place since my wallet can tolerate the monthly cost. I couldn't say anything more because it's really good service that I get every time.

Strip Manila
Branch: Serendra
Usual service: Bikini wax, underarm wax
Price: P1150, P650 respectively
Waiting time: None.
Room: The room is very modern chic. They have a cool wall design and there are informational frames hanged everywhere. I was taking photos until I saw the photo frame that says "Picture-taking of the room is not allowed."
Pain meter: The least pain I've encountered so far. And I have low tolerance for pain. Imagine, I was able to take a 15-minute phone call while getting waxed. It was that lax for me. The one on the line busted me though, easily guessed I was in a waxing salon.
Details: They are serious when they say they don't double dip. Nasayangan ako sa mga applicator. But it really has to be done for hygienic purposes. They are also fast waxers. I remember seeing a frame that says they are trained to wax in only 15 minutes or less.
Value for money: First, let me tell you that it is expensive for me. I'm not someone with unlimited resources but if I did, I'll go to Strip Manila every time. Being that I'm only an ordinary working person, I cannot afford to go there on a monthly basis. However, it's a nice addition to my "Treat Yo Self" list.
Comment: You'll come in with the mindset "Waxing is their specialization so they better be good at it!" They were not good. THEY WERE GREAT.
More comments: Recommending this salon to everyone who gets waxed. You must try it to see and feel the difference.

Hmm maybe I'll even try everything else in this list too, although I'm also very much considering going on IPL sessions. Any other recommendations?

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  1. Thanks for this. :-) Definitely going to Strip Manila as it is my first time. Hehe

  2. No problem! Go, gear up for summer. :)