Ruby Who?

June 10, 2013

Backlog kung backlog but I just wanna say two months ago, I finally gave in and bought myself my first MAC lipstick. Hurrah!

I don't know about you but for me, there is something sentimental about buying my first MAC lipstick. Not only do I not really wear loud colors on my lips but it was bought with my own hard-earned cash. It costs a thousand bucks! I think that alone deserves a moment of silence. Heh.

Well the reason why I really bought this was because my only loud lipstick, the hot pink one, went missing and we had dance gigs lined up for April that required heavy stage makeup. And so I ran to Rustans on a payday and asked the SA for a good lipstick that can stand out even with the glaring stage lights. Also, there was an after-party for the first dance gig so I had to take that into consideration as well. It had to be something wearable.

"Hi. Can you suggest a bright lipstick shade that I can use for stage performances and for when I party? Something that will suit my skin tone. *smiles*" Not in verbatim but that is how I said it.

It was the first lipstick that the SA gave me, a Ruby Woo. I was hesitant because I know it is something the likes of Anne Curtis wears. I thought I wasn't fair enough to pull off a loud shade of red. All assurances, she made me try it on. I swiped once and saw that it looked great on me. I'll even go on and say that it brightened up my face. The SA said, "For stage performances, put on more layers so the color will really pop."

Fast forward to the night of the first April dance gig-- It was the first time I actually heeded the advice to put more layers. Surprise, surprise! It looked great on my morena skin tone. I especially liked that I got complimented many times for looking fresh and blooming. I'm sure it was just the MAC.

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  1. I absolutely agree with you when it comes to getting your first MAC lipstick! :)
    I bought my first MAC lipstick yesterday and it's Love Goddess from MAC Monroe collection. :)

  2. It's addicting though, like you'll want a new shade every month. >.< Btw, I checked out Love Goddess swatches and it looks pretty.