Apartment 23

June 10, 2013

As of June 1, my housemates and I officially became Taguig residents. Why officially, you ask? For those that don't know, we used to live in Makati. It was technically a Makati address, but it was on the Taguig side of EDSA. In fact, it was so near within Taguig's boundaries that I used to just walk from the apartment to BGC. Not very near but it's walk-able. It's also not far from where we're living now.

The view at night from my window. That long trail of lights is C5.
The place is still near C5. Definitely, you can say that it was an upgrade from our previous home and as expected, it is more expensive. But at least it is safe, unlike our previous one. That's the main concern as of this moment.

I went ahead and created a Foursquare location because I wanted to check-in for the past week we've been here. Haha sorry Feebs! I just had to name it in honor of the now defunct TV series 'Don't Trust The B*tch in Apartment 23!', also just known as Apartment 23. I loved this show so much that even the tiniest resemblance with the show, I try to connect with my real life. Obviously, I'm Chloe.

The number 23 can also be related to the fact that we are actually on the 23rd floor, although the number 23 literally couldn't be found on the elevator floor buttons.
I love it here but I still couldn't invite friends over until I finally decide to truly unpack and fix my clothes logistics. As unfortunate as it was, my cabinet broke when we transferred it from the old apartment. Also, I still haven't bought a new mattress so I'm still sleeping on my makeshift bed on the floor. This week, this should all be taken care of.

I hate that I still haven't found a way to commute to work without riding a taxi. IT IS EXPENSIVE. And I cannot forever live off friends who are willing to drive me home after work.

I love that I now have a pool and there have already been plans of getting swimming lessons from my friend, Star.

I hate that outside the gates, it floods when it rains.

I love that we can now throw our garbage/trash everyday and not have it rot inside the house.

I hate that even with a fully automatic washing machine, I cannot do my laundry because I do not have a place to hang my clothes on.

I love that there's a 24-hr Jollibee right outside the gate. (Might be the best of the Pro's for me heh)

I hate that I cannot think of anything else that I dislike, and so this post shall end.

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