Expectations vs Reality

June 11, 2013

The good thing about having a kitchen is that you never have to leave home when you get hungry. Yeah yeah, there's a 24-hr Jollibee just outside the gate. But when you're too lazy to be troubled with walking outside, you'll just have to make do of the supplies you have. And do I even still need to mention that it's much cheaper to cook your own food too?

To satisfy today's craving, I made pancakes. Er, I didn't really make 'em from scratch. I used a ready-to-cook pancake mix. Heh.

According to the box cover, this is what the final product would look like. It even says it could make 12 mini pancakes. But like every other misleading advertisement out there, as expected, it would never turn out the way you wanted it to be.

Of course, it would look sad and pathetic but I ate it anyway because I'm hungry and I made it myself. If it's any consolation to me, it tasted better that how it looked.

Everything was done in three easy steps.

1. Place the pancake mix in a bowl and mix with water.

2. Throw in anything you like with your pancakes, preferably something edible, for this instance, I used sliced strawberries.

3. Cook the pancakes. LOL I don't have a photo of the actual pancakes being cooked on the stove but here are the chicken hotdogs that I fried shortly after the pancakes. A girl's gotta have her protein!

So there you have it-- a nice snack to get me through until I can buy a rice cooker. I REALLY REALLY have to buy a rice cooker because I'll die if I don't get rice in my system soon.

Happy Independence Day!

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