Staycation Week as seen from Instagram

June 23, 2013

Disclaimer: tl;dr This post could have been a better one with pictures. (Update: Instagram to the rescue! Better than no photos at all, right? RIGHT?)

Time flew and just like that we have already consumed half of 2013. What's a better way to end the mid-year than a staycation week! Yes, the third week of my June 2013 shall always be known as the week I spent 3 out of 5 weeknights in a hotel.

Monday -- Tune Hotel Makati
It was the most inexpensive among the three. It was a room with 2 double beds, a T/B, a TV, and an aircon. I arrived around midnight because I came from the office. I brought mango juice for Janice, beer for Elgin and iced tea for me.

My friends and I checked in there just to stay the night but we decided we wanted to party and/or drink outside so we walked to The Distillery, along Jupiter. The place was too hostile for us. Not that we were out of place but we didn't feel accommodated well so we hopped on a cab to our safe place, Burgos Circle.

One of those days where I would wear a guy's shirt owned by a guy who's not my boyfriend
After some drinks at Bugys's, we bought Soju and I Have Never'd until dawn, and made videobooth lipdubs. And oh, I totally charmed my way into getting a restaurant just outside the hotel to open two Century Tuna cans, because Sky Flakes and Century Tuna were all what my friends wanted for pulutan.

Check-out: 11AM; Additional Php 300 for extra 3 hours.

Wednesday -- The Linden Suites
I love this place. I love that we can throw parties and not worry about cleaning the mess or guests getting home drunk. The last time I was there was during my Halo-Halo birthday party, which I totally forgot to blog about. Last Wednesday after work, I was invited to go to the surprise birthday celebration of my former team lead's wife. I brought liquor and even if I knew it was bound to be held (or pay the Php500 corkage per bottle), I still tried to sneak them in because my teammates kept saying "It's okay. They have been bringing liquor all night long". It did get held in the lobby. Next time, I'll suggest my foolproof method early on.

When I got to the hotel, only my teammates were left, even the celebrant was already tucked in bed. I drank the last of the whiskey and a bottle of soju. And when I stopped caring about how bad my voice gets, I sang some songs. (They brought Magic Sing)

Come 4AM, people were bidding goodbye. My TL offered for us to stay the night because he and his wife will be checking out by 5AM. I was already buzzed, sleepy and tired so I did. I had a room all to myself. The best part about having the room to yourself? Vanity sessions for when you wake up, of course!

The effort it took was enormous. I just woke up and I decided what fun would it be if I won't make a selfie-mirror shot combo. The situation was pretty much asking me to make it happen.

Check-out: 12PM; Based from experience, I have stayed until past 1PM and the front desk still didn't call to kick us out nor was there any additional charge upon check-out.

Friday -- Best Western Premier F1 Hotel
Among the three, this is the priciest, even with the discount from Agoda. It was a good thing that it was my rest day so I got to fix myself a haphazardly prepared overnight bag.

The bag that my friends OC just by seeing this photo
Why are there so many things in that bag, you ask? You see, I double-booked. It is definitely not a good feeling. But the hotel already got booked so the best thing I could do is to go there early and divide my time well. The only problem was, I was too early, my former teammate friends (Purple Team) weren't there yet. I was able to pluck my eyebrows, watch 3 episode of Girls, sew my dress' chest line, and dance around the suite in my bikini (no, it was not captured) while waiting for them.

And when they finally arrived, I was off to my next itinerary with my other friends. From URBN to Republic to McDo (lol usual sobering up place), it was fun. It was 6 hours in 4-inch heels so on the last hour, it took every last nick of positivity from me to still enjoy. Next time, I'll bring a bigger bag that can carry my foldable flats.

I went back to the hotel past 4AM, slept for an hour and then jumped up and down the bed with the birthday celebrant 5 months ago (Yes, it was a LAAAATE celebration). She was also late 11 hours late for her own party .

Not an Instagram photo but I guess you can tell
Check-out: 12PM; We checked out late at 1:30PM; No calls to kick us out nor were there late fees charged. I will probably write a separate post with the suite/buffet details.

So there, that was a full account (sorta) of what went down last week. A week ago, there was only one hotel staycation I was sure that's on my calendar.Then, two more got added on the week itself and for me that is a-mah-zing! Stuff like this does not always happen and I'm very glad that when it did, it happened at the right time of my life when I could appreciate it the most. 

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