My first bad Zalora experience

July 19, 2013

I'm not new to online shopping in Zalora. I have shopped here so many times before I moved apartments that I was excited having ordered again knowing that it will be shipped to a different address this time. (Our old address was a bit hard to find for couriers, hence taking more time and delivery complications.)

Sunday [07/14]
I placed my order on a Sunday and paid via mobile banking transfer right after and sent my payment details as instructed, knowing full well that it will take them one business day to confirm my payment.

Monday [07/15]
I didn't receive any payment confirmation nor delivery notification.

Tuesday [07/16]
I received an Order Cancellation Alert in my email, which was sent late at night. I wasn't able to see this until around 3AM, Wednesday. This email was sent to me because according to them, they haven't received my payment yet.

Wednesday [07/17]
As soon as I saw an email, I replied saying how could they have missed my payment details after two business days. I also forwarded my original payment details, containing the screenshot of my transfer confirmation. Apart from this, I got a customer feedback survey wherein I answered with all dissatisfaction with their customer service. Then just to be sure, I once again entered my payment details.

Thursday [07/18]
Early in the morning, I got a payment confirmation email from them. Later that day, I got a text saying my order will be delivered within the day. It didn't arrive.

Friday [07/19]
The Zalora box (pictured above) finally arrived in the afternoon.

You see, within the time I sent my customer feedback, never did I get any response. The only reply I got was the payment confirmation email from them on Thursday which was template-y. I'm annoyed with the late confirmation because my items were running out (I checked back on the items' pages and there were sold out) so if my order was to be cancelled as stated in my Order Cancellation Alert, they would be free game for everyone again. Their lack of response to my concerns upped my irate customer level. And knowing me, I have high tolerance for bad service. Getting ignored really ticked me off.

There, I said it. I got it out of my system. Now, I can finally get over the bad service and post the unboxing.

Their packaging did change. I remember getting my items from the courier, with the items still in their plastic bags and seeing the delivery man box the items right in front of me. Oo, parang nasa deparment store lang! Haha. This one came in via Xend, completely sealed.

My purchase came with an Insta-Prize coupon. There's a code you can enter for rewards. I entered mine and got a 15% discount that can be used for the next purchase. Siguro kung nakuha ko yung Php100k prize, I wouldn't even bother to write this post. Haha!

I'm supposed to be saving. This was me being frugal. Originally, there were about 7 items in my shopping bag and I narrowed it down to the things I REALL REALLY wanted. I ended up with a pair of shoes and two dresses.

This is actually a pair of short wedge shoes because I realized I need another pair I could wear daily as my beige pair is getting worn out. I like wedge shoes because they're comfortable and they can give you enough height. It's mediocre heels, I know. But whenever I'm in the office, I wanna be able to run whenever I want to. As to why there would be running involved, I really can't explain. I just want to have that option.

Two short dresses, with the emphasis on short. I already fitted them and they fit me perfectly! I'm already excited to wear them.

I missed Zalora so much that I placed an order again on Tuesday, before I received that cancellation email. And just like this batch, I'm now fully expecting a late delivery. It just sucks because I was used to their fast and efficient overall service, even when my apartment was hard to find. Ah I guess they already expanded their customer-base, but without maintaining their efficiency. It's good for them but it's annoying for me.

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