Hungry For Love

July 15, 2013

Chos! This post is about me not being able to sleep without eating a second dinner. Really.

It is almost 6AM as I'm writing this. I was supposed to sleep at 2AM. I have my monthly period and sleep-deprivation wasn't an option. But try as I may, I couldn't still sleep. Maybe I was just hungry. I tried eating some of my KitKat stash but it didn't do anything for me.

Alas, 15 minutes ago, I decided I should just eat it out so I opened a can of meat loaf and took my leftover rice from the fridge. Along with some cloves of garlic and an egg, I made this uninspired fried rice. With a bit of seasoning, it tasted decent at best.

The thing when you're not exactly Miss Industrious and you don't wanna spend for food deliveries is that you learn to be creative in making your own grub. It's not exactly something you can be called a "foodie" for but hey, I'm still getting sustenance! And according to people I have not seen in a long time, it looked like I gained some weight.

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