Never Too Late: Palgantong Theatrical Powder

July 16, 2013


While everyone is on the Ben Nye Banana Powder bandwagon, here I am having just received my first theatrical powder, the Palgantong Theatrical Powder.

I originally ordered the shade Beige Ochre (Read: suits Medium-Dark skinned girls) but Original Beige was the one that arrived in the mail. I have already confirmed from the correspondence with a Joan that there was a mix up and she expressed intents of getting the item replaced, but as shown in the photos below, I have already opened the sealed jar so I just accepted my fate. Haha!

Priced at Php 650, this tiny jar of loose powder contained a foam that occupied one-thirds of space and the rest, powder. It is really tiny but I've once spent a whooping Php 1450 on a loose powder, which I didn't really love using after all. In comparison, this is already cheaper.

I've already tried this on once, just today for a dinner in Makati Shangri-la Circles, using my Real Techniques Buffing Brush on top of my BB cream. There were no before and after photos. Haha! Yes, I know I suck at doing reviews and I don't know why I even bother.

To give you an insight on my oiliness, my BB cream does not have good oil control on me. I use it because it's photo-ready, has SPF30 and gives me a natural finish, but I oil up 2 hours after. Yes, that fast! Today, I tried to not blot my face after 2 hours. I didn't really care about the oilies since I was busy making the most of that buffet.
Photo taken 4 hours after application
Now, I know the photo above isn't really a good example since it's not a close up shot but when I tried to crop my face, the image wasn't really sharp so it wouldn't help my case either. However, a usual indicator for when my face is already oily is when it's tad darker than my neck. In the photo above, it isn't. On the contrary, my face seemed luminous. Shortly after this photo, I took out a blotting sheet just so I can see my oil production rate, and I was surprised to see that it is considerably less than my usual.

I'd have to use the powder more to be able to give a better review and to see how it will stand longer hours and the humidity of Metro Manila but for now, it looks really promising. 

Item: Palgantong Theatrical Powder in Original Beige (suits Light-Medium skin tone)
Will I buy again? Most probably yes, if this one runs out.
Where to get: Beauty and Minerals (the order mix up didn't really aggravate me since I have a high tolerance for online sellers)
Wallet damage: Php 650 for a 10g jar + Php 70 for shipping 

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