No Spending Day, Today Is

July 14, 2013

In an effort to save money, I have decided I will ~*try*~ to set at least one "no spending day" every week. Simply put, there should be no money that will come out of my wallet throughout the day. Groceries and other necessities bought before the day are not counted. (girl's gotta eat!) There are so many Pros to this self-set themed day, so why not.

For breakfast, I cooked 2 pieces of pan-grilled liempo and rice. It was such a heavy breakfast that I only ate fruit, slices of honeydew, for lunch. For dinner, I scoured the cupboard and saw a Hot and Spicy Century Tuna. That, along with cream cheese and some herbs, turned out to be a lovely meal, although it might not look like it.

Now normally, I'd just order in or walk to Jollibee for 2-3 meals that would suffice me throughout the day. This meant breakfast to dinner alone saved me around Php 150-200. Ahh the price I spend for my laziness.

Since I didn't go out today, there weren't really other opportunities to spend money. So there you go. Do this No Spending Day with me, yes?

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