Uniqlo Opening Experience in Manila

July 02, 2012

I'm one of those people that Twitterverse calls "typical atat Pinoys" who braved the opening day, along with my college dance troupe friend, Jayson. It was not planned, we found out about it and spontaneously decided we should go right after our shift. We were both on night shift so we thought it'd be a good idea. Not.

Especially if you're really impatient, like me, it is never a good idea to go shopping in an opening day. I guesss I just had to experience it for myself as I missed Forever 21's chaos. I must say, it is a good life experience. Will I do it again? Maybe, if there's good company. Also, most probably, I will, for Cotton On.

So here goes. I tried sneaking up on people to take shots. Sorry if I can't post your names here. If you are in the photo though, just holler and I'll include your name.

I went to the 2nd floor main mall of SM Mall of Asia and right away, I saw the long lines. I started asking random people, who by the way were really helpful despite the nature of the queue, were the line ends so I can queue myself while waiting for Jayson.

I went around, all the way to Haagen Dazs to line up, which means the line already went on a full circle, starting from Uniqlo, ending to its next door neighbor.

I saw many people who just finished shopping, walking past me, mostly hoarders.

Old guy happily walks by with his purchase.
My favorite subjects were mostly my line-mates since Jayson has still not yet arrived. Again, sorry for invading your privacy. I must say that I really loved the crowd. Everyone were wearing comfortable clothes, you won't see girls in frilly dresses that look alike. Just lots of line photo-taking and nice people.

Cute shoes! I want.
And when he finally arrived, we also got to swap taking photos of our haggard selves to remember this day by.

In fairness to MOA, even with the shizoprenic airconditioning, the lighting is really good. You can almost say that we had an 8-hr sleep. Almost.

I'd say the long line going to the store was nothing compared to the chaos inside of the store. I wasn't even able to take photos because there were too many people you'd bump into. The line to the cashier was another story, it was painful. It spanned all over the store, zigzaging into aisles. You could even do your shopping while in line to the cashier. But since I didn't want to stay put, here's when I took advantage of taking product shots, if you could call it that.

First off, the ones I really wanted to just buy stuff from the items currently on sale. Jayson, on the other hand, kept on getting clothes that aren't.

<...Forgot to bring my SD card, will continue with the post some other time>

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