Sears First Day Out

July 19, 2012

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Sears First Day Out, a set on Flickr.

So I bought this 2nd-hand lens from a co-Pentaxian, an 80-200mm manual zoom Sears lens and it is, by far, the cheapest lens I've bought in ratio to its performance. I bought it on a bargain too, for only Php2000. There was a "price can be negotiated" clause but I hate haggling so I paid for it straight up when we met in Robinsons Manila.

And because this blog has been all sorts of random, here are some test shots.

I was seating in Bonifacio High Street. It was a time I was still shy to point the camera at people.

Like they say, BGC is the place where pets have equal opportunity to enjoy, as with humans

After a couple of snaps, this is when I realized that the aperture was stuck at F22.  I just increased the aperture when I took this. Not sharp, I know.
Then, I started shooting from the park gazebo. I was a pretty cool spot. I was just seated and yet there were a variety of snaps you can take.
Pretty lady posing for her husband. She has a cute daughter too.
Cute couple. I wish I knew them so they would see this. 
BGC has trash cans like this everywhere. Cute, makes you want to always throw your trash properly so you'd see one.
Kid on the verge of crying. Her mom won't accompany her to the playground.
 Unfortunately, I suddenly had an upset stomach (TMI! haha) so I had to walk back to the apartment.

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