Monday Fix and Territories

June 18, 2012

It is the day we all dread, may you be a student or a working professional like me. What's to love about Mondays! This day says to your face, "wake up to reality, lazyass!"

So in order to make things better, we compromise. For me, it's having fresh Avocado shake.

You see, growing up, we had lots of fruit-bearing trees in our backyard. It was the province, after all. One of them is a mango tree, but it rarely gives us fruits. Our avocado tree, on the other hand, would give us big basketfulls of fruit.

You might not believe, or may, but I was the one picking them off the tree. I would climb branch to branch. I even have a branch which I like to call "my spot" because when I have my neighbors over, I do not want them wandering in my tree spot! I'm very territorial when it comes to our trees.

Yup, that was how we roll. We also like to secretly hitchhike at the back of trucks, but that's for another story.

Haha. What a tomboy I was as a kid.

So anyway, from the fruits that I garher, there will be almost three times a day where I'd make my avocado shake. I'm also very territorial with MY blender. I would not take it lightly if you use it. I am the only one who blends.

And that is the long story of how drinking avocado shake on Mondays make me good to go.

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