Catching the Sun

July 21, 2012

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Catching the Sun, a set on Flickr.

April 8, 2012.
We had this spontaneous decision to shoot the sunset at Trinoma's rooftop parking garage. So there we were, rushing through EDSA when we got flagged by MMDA for 3 violations, violations that we didn't even commit. It was safe to assume that he just wanted to add more money to his bribe funds because aside from us, there were more cars being pulled over.

Alas, we gave in. We were in a rush so Xy just decided to give him some money. We searched for our wallets and then it hit us. We both don't have it with us. We left our wallets at his house. The enforcer just assumed we were students and made do with 20pesos, if my memory serves me right.

We, then, just decided to take a few snaps at Xy's rooftop before going back to the mall after the sun sets.

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