Casa Ibiza, Don't Wanna See Ya

July 08, 2012

True to the photos you see on the website, Casa Ibiza really is photogenic in real life, even with the unkempt resort, everything looks good in photos. The real cause for our whole team's pledge to never go back with friends and family was really simple and could have been prevented, that is very unsatisfactory customer service.

Being from a company that provides IT services, we have been living on a standard of providing service that is nothing short of our best, which is why it was frustrating how everything has been handled--from the reservations to the logistics.

Let me also disclose that we availed a voucher from a deal-buying site. Does this entitle us to be given subpar service? No. Also, as per TripAdvisor, even without deal sites, the reviews are leaning towards bad. So it can't be just us, right?

On the website, they loosely mentioned the three pools that they have. When we got there, there were only one we could use. It was so small that the group in the pool had to leave when we dipped because it was just simply crowded. The second one was a kiddie pool, one that the kids from other groups didn't use since it's dirty. The third one was, I think, the wading pool. Correct the term if I'm not correct. It was dry when we were there. And there's really not much to do, well, except to wade on the water with your feet.

Our package came with 2 cabanas, but the ownership was not established so we had to use cabanas that were used by the group before us. No staff even lifted a finger to clean after them. 

Main swimming pool.

Wading pool, whatever the heck that is.
On the upside, you are allowed to eat the food you order from the restaurant at the poolside.

Downside of ordering is that it takes them really a long time to prepare. A 1-hour wait for cheesesticks and fruit shake? Really? We were the only ones ordering so we can't understand how it took that long. We wanted to take over the kitchen and cook for ourselves-- which brings us to the corkage fees issue.

Photo from Casa Ibiza Facebook page
We saw a photo from their Facebook page under the "Photographs taken by guests" album that people were grilling liempo so we inquired if we can do the same. We promptly received an email from Danielle Lee and as it turns out, it was Divine Lee's shots (her sister, model, celebrity, role model ko haha I love her) and she was only taking the photos to show how the food is being cooked. But we CAN avail the cook-your-own-food drama, but we'll have to pay... wait for it... 700 pesos. EACH. And that, my friends, was the discounted rate. Obviously, we opted out.

So for both lunch and dinner, we just decided to eat outside, rather than spend a ridiculous amount of money so we can grill and/or wait for their kitchen staff to bring out the ordered dished in a timely manner.

The deal came with free breakfast. It was decent but not great. Acceptable though, since it's free. There were three breakfast items to choose from: corned beef, tapa and ham. It came with orange juice.

Another pro, (that I could think of) was the free horseback riding sessions. You are not obligated to, but a tip for manong would be nice. 

More photos of the place.
Unkempt cabana, morning na to ah, makalat pa rin :'( 
Where we stayed
Bar/dining area

We were frustrated. I even wished the photos didn't turn out to be this appealing, because really, it won't compensate for all the trouble, and that feeling of dissatisfaction. I don't know if they are just understaffed or the training was poor. I'd like to say though that it has a potential to be a go-to place to relax.

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  1. totoo lahat ang nakasulat dito kasi nagtrabaho ako jan sa walang kwentang resort na yan ansama ng ugali ng manager namin (sa f and b) jules ang name niya madumi at hindi maganda ang pag peprepare niya ng food kaya kung nag check in kayo jan check niyo muna yung kakainin niyo bago niyo isubo....try niyong pumasok sa kitchen tignan ko lang kung maatim niyo pa na kumain......laging malaki ang kaltas namin sa sweldo mga 2,000 and up swerte ka na kung mga 1000 lang dahil daw yun sa damages and breakage at sa mga stocks na nawawala sa kitchen eh ang totoo si jules ang kumakain siya ang bwuakaw sa loob ng kusina sa casa ibiza at para makatipid para may makain siya yung mga di naubos ng guest eh nirerecycle niya para yung imbes na kakainin nung guest na umorder eh edi siya nalang ang kumakain kasi my na recycle siya....andumi diba?ewan ko a kung bakit n my permit to operate yang resort na yan andumi talaga,,,,,goodluck nlang sa mga naloko nila sa ensogo and metrodeal