Multiply: Not just your regular social networking site

December 28, 2011

Seen similar ad campaigns? They're everywhere!
Multiply has been around for some time. I remember Friendster users leaving for the Multiply bandwagon. Why shouldn't they? It has more functionality and you will still be able to customize it the way you want to.

Then came the online shops; It was what made Multiply a stronger social networking tool. I remember fondly the first dress I bought online buy. (It's not with me anymore because my boyfriend was not able to pack it up when we left the hotel in Pampanga during the Hot Air Balloon Festival. T_T) I was buying too much stuff online that I had to stop myself from browsing anymore. Even I gave in and sourced clothes and bags from Thailand, c/o my mother, and sold them to my own online shop. (Woah woah woah, the page is still up. The cursor ~*sparkles*~)

When Multiply got word that users use Multiply to sell, they took down shops one by one. It was a violation of their Terms and Agreement. And as the shops were closed, so were the number of people visiting Multiply. Add to this the users' new found fascination with Facebook's functionality and simplicity, and people jumped shipped just like that.

While Facebook is also undergoing the phase where users now use it for their online shops, Multiply came back with a bang. They used the thing that actually got them people on their site before. They added a Marketplace feature.

The Multiply Marketplace is as how it sounds like. You go there to either buy and sell. What's great about this is that it is like eBay which has the Buyer Protection. I actually haven't used this feature yet but it's nice to know that if you were scammed or even unjustly dealt with, you can get you're money back.

It also incorporates locally available options for payment and shipment.

  • For payment, it is dependent to what the sellers configured in their shops. Usually for the options, you'd see Bank, Paypal and GCASH. I like GCASH the most. It's very easy to use and payment is in real time. Also, I can just transfer my funds from my bank (BPI) to GCASH by the use of my thumb, anytime and anywhere there's a signal.   
  • For shipment, their default courier is Xend, which I have been using during my online shop days, but you can get another courier if you like. Right now, Xend is offering Free Shipping for orders above PHP400 until February so it's really hard to turn down a good purchase. It's also insured. 

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